Breitbart has a tell. A BIG tell

The proof is in not in the pseudo body language analysis that Bill O’ Reilly brings, but instead in ACTUAL body language. Also, who wants to talk about race when it’s hot outside and summertime?

Andrew Breitbart revealed himself in the second half of a segment that Think Progress caught.

At about the three minute mark in this video, Breitbart reveals himself for the fraud he is:

And I know this because I tweeted about it extensively last night.
You see, Google, amongst other things, are WONDERFUL tools for research for any journalist or reporter worth their salt.

So here is the very first post that I could find online about Ms. Sherrod and NAACP and USDA.

(Update for clarity) You see, if Sherrod gave the talk to NAACP members in March, and there’s no YouTube record of it until the weekend prior to the hullaballoo, and not only that there’s not a substantial web presence for her AT ALL, then:  in both parts one and two of of John King’s interview with Breitbart he’s pretty clear about receiving the video of Ms. Sherrod in MARCH – MARCH I tell you!

Then, committing an unprecedented act of journalism King follows up that line of questioning to confirm … that’s when Breitbart gives himself away.  While it’s POSSIBLE that Breitbart received a ‘tape’ he QUICKLY changes his story and all of a sudden he got it at a way later date.

That post – edited of course – was from two edited videos the weekend prior and was  from a guy who, specifically wrote in the text intro that this was filmed in March 2010 … works for Andrew Breitbart.  Breitbart said he GOT the video in ‘March of this year,’ but that video was uploaded by the freelancer, I guess, to appear on a Sunday, obviously edited, patently ridiculous, unchecked by the MSM, and unchallenged in any way.

‘Fair and balanced.’ ‘You be the judge.’ ‘No bias, no bull.’

Lying in action right in the video.



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  1. […] was on the whole tape, and that assertion is given equal weight to the practical likelihood that he actually did know, and even if he didn’t, the recklessness of posting it anyway gets a shrug. This is the same […]

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