UPDATE: Remember when I had questions about vessel size and Coast Guard containment efforts?

Update 2:  It appears NPR corrected the record. It was a barge, not a tugboat. Not sure who else has corrected themselves.

Well, there was a reason for my questions, and while at the time it seemed to have been less important with relation to media than I thought, it WAS important with regard to the containment effort.

I realize there is an investigation going on with regard to the newest well leak, but should that boat have been in the water? Has anyone asked that question? Have journalists asked that question?

In my post on the subject there was this:

” … may require vessels to install and use specified navigation equipment, communications equipment, electronic relative motion analyzer equipment, or any electronic or other device necessary to comply with a vessel traffic service or which is necessary in the interests of vessel safety: Provided, That the Secretary shall not require fishing vessels under 300 gross tons as measured under section 14502 of title 46, United States Code, or an alternate tonnage measured under section 14302 of that title as prescribed by the Secretary under section 14104 of that title or recreational vessels 65 feet or less to possess or use the equipment or devices required by this subsection solely under the authority of this Act …”

Associated Press reports:  “The Coast Guard says a towboat was pushing the barge on Mud Lake when it hit the wellhead. The Coast Guard says the towboat captain told investigators the well was not lit as required.”

Questions (new questions added):

  • What size was the vessel?
  • Were there cleanup efforts in the area?
  • Will there be charges brought?
  • What are the requirements for sealing ‘abandoned’ oil wells? If there aren’t any, why aren’t there any?

Questions up there.


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