Why did Wikileaks ‘leak’ data to press first?

So asked and answered Jay Rosen.

“Ask yourself: Why didn’t Wikileaks just publish the Afghanistan war logs and let journalists ‘round the world have at them? Why hand them over to The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel first? Because as Julien Assange, founder of Wikileaks, explained last October, if a big story is available to everyone equally, journalists will pass on it.”

I can’t agree with that.

I truly believe that Wikileaks needed their help.  The news organizations that the organization leaked the data dump to have inside knowledge on terminology, and history, and ranks, and locations … all of which I think Wikileaks had no clue about – or a marginal understanding of it.

In the end, while many thought there were a few interesting details to be found, and even the Rachel Maddow Show said it thought that the statement that all the information was found during the Bush Administration’s time in office was a cop out, still failed to answer key questions that Wikileaks’ skills could have brought us. I think their skills could be put to better use.

We still have unanswered questions that Glenn Greenwald over at Salon.com brings up on a daily basis.

I’m waiting for the Wikileaks intel on these questions:

  • What was the intel at the time of the Bush Administration and how was it manipulated?
    By whom was it manipulated and how?
  • Where is the proof that I can see in my hands?
  • Where are the emails and why can’t those be brought to light in their entirety rather than focusing on mundane details of war speak at a time of war?
  • The Obama Administration may be taking on some previous administration policies, but in what way and what context?  What strategies have changed and why? Has the COIN agenda changed? If, ultimately, Petraeus rewrote the book, and we don’t want to follow the same strategies, why is Petraeus in charge again?
  • At the time of Tillman’s death and subsequent award why was it not reported in the news media that McChrystal was accused of doing everything RIGHT according to the Department of Defense, and those who actually didn’t were let off with no questioning by the media?
  • Why has not ONE media outlet read Petraeus’ COIN strategy and asked questions directly relating to it?
  • Why does the news media continue to assume that a COIN strategy crafted directly by Petraeus belongs to McChrystal?
  • Why has inquiry shifted from the man that the left called ‘Betray us’ to someone else?
  • Why was no one reading the NYTs when it was reporting on all of the Wikileaks ‘new’ scandals?
  • Why was no one doing this research as we headed off to war in both Afghanistan and Iraq?
  • Why?

Maybe Wikileaks can answer my questions.



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