Bill Press: ‘Inappropriate’ to Talk About God on Steps of Lincoln Memorial

Progressive radio host and Toxic Talk author Bill Press stirred up a little trouble on Reliable Sources this weekend, doubling down on his comparison of Glenn Beck‘s “Restoring Honor” rally to an al Qaeda gathering at Ground Zero, but also questioning the appropriateness of talking about God at all on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Fellow panelist Matt Lewis points out that Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., might disagree, but based on what I’ve been hearing lately, I’m inclined to agree with Press. In fact, I’ll go a step farther and say that King was wrong, too.
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Sally Draper … lesbian?

Well, it could be blatant snark but I can’t tell.

How is a 10-year-old girl caught masturbating automatically a lesbian

Adolescence is never easy and when you have a shitty mother like Betty Draper, it’s even worse. Don is also trying to bring his new firm into adulthood, but not without growing pains. It’s tough for those Mad Men kids. On last night’s episode, we had parallel story lines about future lesbian Sally Draper being a difficult 10 year-old and Sterling Cooper Draper Price struggling to reach financial maturity.

It continues:

But the one who really gets yelled at is future lesbian Sally Draper, who cut her hair while she was with Phoebe the sitter while Don was out on his third date with Bethany (who we saw in the season premiere).

She says she wants to look pretty and have short hair like Phoebe so that her father will like her too. Also, she’s a lesbian in the making, of course she wants short hair!

This must be an odd rant about something I can’t figure out.  I’d love to know what the reactionary weirdness is to a young girl discovering her body, and at that age wanting to be beautiful like she thinks her father likes while she’s traumatized by her ruthless mother and divorce of her parents.  This is far too complex of an issue to blatantly assign gender preference. Really, what tha… ?

Cell phones, internet connection VITAL in states of emergency

All the while certain members of the American community were decrying the use of cell phones by the poor (because how could they afford such a luxury), I’ve been praising the fact that they had them.

I will put this in an American perspective, and following that, a global perspective.

If you’re in need in the United States, in order to get a job, feed your family, receive public assistance, or get a bank account, you must have a PHYSICAL home address and – for a job – a valid phone number.

Cell phones are no longer a ‘luxury.’  The internet is no longer a ‘luxury.’ BOTH are necessary as the Red Cross proved this week.

Since social media began to embed itself into our day-to-day lives, it has proven to be helpful in the most tragic, joyful, and heartbreaking of situations.  And, we can’t let it sit.  Our country – or any other – can not let it stand when ANYone gets in the way of what the internet can philanthropically do. Pakistan is in trouble. Haiti continues to struggle. We continue to struggle. It can’t sit.

It just can’t.

Net Neutrality please.

(UPDATE: I assure you, if it weren’t for the internet and social media, if I disappeared no one but my dog, bosses, or mother would no I was missing. By, then it would be too late.)

Oh.My.God. … Leahy’s competition parodies Old Spice Guy in campaign ad

I am without words.

“Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re watching Daniel Freilich, a challenger to Senator Patrick Leahy in the Vermont Democratic primary next week, harness the power of Youtube with a campaign ad parody of this year’s now legendary Old Spice Man commercial.

GOP furious that Dems may cut food stamps?

Weirdness alert!

Democrats don’t want anybody to have food stamps.

That’s right – Obama and his crew (snark) – are cutting food stamps to fund education.

AND – oh my lord – the other sides are FUMING.  That’s right … smoke coming out of their ears mad!

What a turn of events.

Over at (ridiculous on purpose headline or not) Katherine Mangu-Ward writes:

The House of Representatives bravely dragged themselves back to Capitol Hill from their traditional six weeks of stateside work-cation to lock down teachers union votes for November’s elections today. The Senate had already passed a version of the $26 billion jobs bill, which includes $10 billion in grants to districts to keep up to 130,000 education jobs on life support.

Because, of course, no one needs teachers at school. Darn union thugs! I dunno, home school your kids, I guess, if you have the time and ability to do so.  But, I’d gather those ‘poor folks’ don’t really have that option since many of them – hailed by G.W. Bush as fantastic and have more than one job – do not.

Believe it or not, over at Andrew Breitbart’s, they’re mad too … yes, REALLY.  Check this out:

Obviously, cutting the food stamp program when it’s needed is irresponsible on the part of the Democrats.

Wow, right?

One job ago I qualified for both food stamps and a visit to the food bank.  However, I have NO CHILDREN.  While I appreciated the supplemental help from the food bank, I didn’t take advantage of SNAP.  There wasn’t much need.  Also … NO KIDS!

Children qualify for free lunch programs at SCHOOL. This is funded by the government in public schools as far as I know.  There are programs such as  WIC that, while not perfect, DO help with assistance for providing food for kids.  And, what about all those charities and churches Republicans love to talk about?  (Meanwhile, ACTUAL charities and not for profits are being targeted rather than groups like the Media Research Center.)

These are helpful things for those with or without children, but what I cannot fathom is the right now DECRYING the fact that more money is going toward paying for educating the people who will inherit this country (while they constantly complain that we’re bankrupting them financially) while the institution has set in place ways to care for children.  I can’t fathom how they will deprive the unemployed of benefit extensions, and accuse those in need of drug abuse, etc.,  while screaming bloody murder that food stamp funding is cut a bit in 2013.

This is new (well, certainly odd). This is different (well, certainly a 180). And, this is a strange (well, certainly typical)  twist in the political atmosphere – all things considered.

Funny thing is, it’s not really a cut, it’s just not a hike. It’s actually humorous all the ‘outrage.’

Texas wants Gov’t money, but also wants to rewrite history?

Pardon me, Texas lawmakers, but you can’t have it both ways:

If Gov. Rick Perry wants $830 million in emergency federal assistance for Texas schools approved by Congress and signed into law Tuesday, he’ll have to abide by restrictions imposed by House Democrats and written exclusively for the Lone Star State.

You can’t alter the history books for a lot of the country and also ask for education grants.

Why should the U.S. Government grant this wish?  It probably will but that’s not the point. (Please don’t tell me you’ll pick up the new Einstein conspiracy theory?)

But, don’t you DARE ask for more funding for education when you refuse to educate the people who will educate the country.


Ya don’t say: “I’m Republican,” he said. “Need I say more?”

Oy Vey.

There you have it.

A new hero (emphasis my own) has written his political views on a septic tank.

Well, we are in the shitter politically (even though this POTUS has fulfilled more promises than most by far), but it’s not because of the President.  But, I guess, whatever:

Cornish said he came up with the slogan after drinking about six beers and listening to conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

It’s worked out well for him, drawing attention from Limbaugh as well as fellow conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.

Cornish plans to take the current message off his second tank, which now says “Used to be milk,” and put the political-promises message on there as soon as next week.

Used to be milk? WTF?

Also this is painted on the truck (thanks for the heads up Samantha):

SCANDAL (snark): Sen. candidate talks about race to USDA


Race comes up again at USDA:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Michael Thurmond from Georgia says he used to be suspicious of white people because he never spoke to one until his all-black high school was integrated when he was 18.

Can’t wait for the weirdo spin on this, especially after the article continues:

The 57-year-old Thurmond said those suspicions dissipated as he came to know more white people at his Athens school.

Great story, point made … let the manipulation begin … ? <<<Please don’t.

UPDATE: Angle allegedly gives Hispanic media blackout

Well, I’m not sure I can be surprised by this (reported by 8NewsNow in Nevada) considering the near daily illogical behavior and weirdness that comes from Nev. candidate Sharon Angle:

While Democrat Harry Reid’s campaign actively pursues Hispanic media interviews, Spanish language broadcasters and newspapers say they’re getting shut out by Republican Sharron Angle’s campaign.

Hispanic media journalists are tracking the Senate campaign alongside their English language colleagues. But the editor of Spanish language newspaper El Tiempo says in 30 years, he’s never experienced such a shutout as his team is getting from Angle’s campaign.

“We never receive information, press releases, information on the place for talking with the community. Nothing,” said Editor in Chief Hernando Amaya.

The article ends with this:

The Angle campaign held an event on Monday. 8 News NOW and Hispanic media outlets were not invited.



Majority Leader Reid kills it:

” … his sharp attack comes as he faces a tough race against Republican Sharron Angle, who supports Arizona’s law cracking down on illegal immigrants. She argues that the federal government has failed to enforce the laws and stop the stream of people sneaking into the country … when he got back to Washington, he immediately lost key support from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who wanted Reid to consider energy legislation first before working on immigration.

Above and link is EXCELLENT reporting!

Glenn Beck Compares Obama’s America to ‘The Planet of the Apes’

As he was doing his standard daily channeling of Howard Beale Thursday, Glenn Beck referenced an even earlier cinematic cautionary tale. In the middle of a rant about President Obama‘s remarks to the AFL-CIO, he said he felt as though he’d slipped through a wormhole in the middle of the night, exclaiming “It’s like the damn Planet of the Apes!”

This looked like nothing more than a rather unfortunate melding of foot and mouth, especially for a guy with Beck’s tenuous grasp of race relations, until I got a load of Joan Walsh‘s Stormfront dot-connecting. We’ve let the clip run a little longer to make sure we didn’t miss any context.(h/t Michi)
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