UPDATE: Angle allegedly gives Hispanic media blackout

Well, I’m not sure I can be surprised by this (reported by 8NewsNow in Nevada) considering the near daily illogical behavior and weirdness that comes from Nev. candidate Sharon Angle:

While Democrat Harry Reid’s campaign actively pursues Hispanic media interviews, Spanish language broadcasters and newspapers say they’re getting shut out by Republican Sharron Angle’s campaign.

Hispanic media journalists are tracking the Senate campaign alongside their English language colleagues. But the editor of Spanish language newspaper El Tiempo says in 30 years, he’s never experienced such a shutout as his team is getting from Angle’s campaign.

“We never receive information, press releases, information on the place for talking with the community. Nothing,” said Editor in Chief Hernando Amaya.

The article ends with this:

The Angle campaign held an event on Monday. 8 News NOW and Hispanic media outlets were not invited.



Majority Leader Reid kills it:

” … his sharp attack comes as he faces a tough race against Republican Sharron Angle, who supports Arizona’s law cracking down on illegal immigrants. She argues that the federal government has failed to enforce the laws and stop the stream of people sneaking into the country … when he got back to Washington, he immediately lost key support from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who wanted Reid to consider energy legislation first before working on immigration.

Above and link is EXCELLENT reporting!


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