Texas wants Gov’t money, but also wants to rewrite history?

Pardon me, Texas lawmakers, but you can’t have it both ways:

If Gov. Rick Perry wants $830 million in emergency federal assistance for Texas schools approved by Congress and signed into law Tuesday, he’ll have to abide by restrictions imposed by House Democrats and written exclusively for the Lone Star State.

You can’t alter the history books for a lot of the country and also ask for education grants.

Why should the U.S. Government grant this wish?  It probably will but that’s not the point. (Please don’t tell me you’ll pick up the new Einstein conspiracy theory?)

But, don’t you DARE ask for more funding for education when you refuse to educate the people who will educate the country.


Ya don’t say: “I’m Republican,” he said. “Need I say more?”

Oy Vey.

There you have it.

A new hero (emphasis my own) has written his political views on a septic tank.

Well, we are in the shitter politically (even though this POTUS has fulfilled more promises than most by far), but it’s not because of the President.  But, I guess, whatever:

Cornish said he came up with the slogan after drinking about six beers and listening to conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

It’s worked out well for him, drawing attention from Limbaugh as well as fellow conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.

Cornish plans to take the current message off his second tank, which now says “Used to be milk,” and put the political-promises message on there as soon as next week.

Used to be milk? WTF?

Also this is painted on the truck (thanks for the heads up Samantha):