GOP furious that Dems may cut food stamps?

Weirdness alert!

Democrats don’t want anybody to have food stamps.

That’s right – Obama and his crew (snark) – are cutting food stamps to fund education.

AND – oh my lord – the other sides are FUMING.  That’s right … smoke coming out of their ears mad!

What a turn of events.

Over at (ridiculous on purpose headline or not) Katherine Mangu-Ward writes:

The House of Representatives bravely dragged themselves back to Capitol Hill from their traditional six weeks of stateside work-cation to lock down teachers union votes for November’s elections today. The Senate had already passed a version of the $26 billion jobs bill, which includes $10 billion in grants to districts to keep up to 130,000 education jobs on life support.

Because, of course, no one needs teachers at school. Darn union thugs! I dunno, home school your kids, I guess, if you have the time and ability to do so.  But, I’d gather those ‘poor folks’ don’t really have that option since many of them – hailed by G.W. Bush as fantastic and have more than one job – do not.

Believe it or not, over at Andrew Breitbart’s, they’re mad too … yes, REALLY.  Check this out:

Obviously, cutting the food stamp program when it’s needed is irresponsible on the part of the Democrats.

Wow, right?

One job ago I qualified for both food stamps and a visit to the food bank.  However, I have NO CHILDREN.  While I appreciated the supplemental help from the food bank, I didn’t take advantage of SNAP.  There wasn’t much need.  Also … NO KIDS!

Children qualify for free lunch programs at SCHOOL. This is funded by the government in public schools as far as I know.  There are programs such as  WIC that, while not perfect, DO help with assistance for providing food for kids.  And, what about all those charities and churches Republicans love to talk about?  (Meanwhile, ACTUAL charities and not for profits are being targeted rather than groups like the Media Research Center.)

These are helpful things for those with or without children, but what I cannot fathom is the right now DECRYING the fact that more money is going toward paying for educating the people who will inherit this country (while they constantly complain that we’re bankrupting them financially) while the institution has set in place ways to care for children.  I can’t fathom how they will deprive the unemployed of benefit extensions, and accuse those in need of drug abuse, etc.,  while screaming bloody murder that food stamp funding is cut a bit in 2013.

This is new (well, certainly odd). This is different (well, certainly a 180). And, this is a strange (well, certainly typical)  twist in the political atmosphere – all things considered.

Funny thing is, it’s not really a cut, it’s just not a hike. It’s actually humorous all the ‘outrage.’

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