Cell phones, internet connection VITAL in states of emergency

All the while certain members of the American community were decrying the use of cell phones by the poor (because how could they afford such a luxury), I’ve been praising the fact that they had them.

I will put this in an American perspective, and following that, a global perspective.

If you’re in need in the United States, in order to get a job, feed your family, receive public assistance, or get a bank account, you must have a PHYSICAL home address and – for a job – a valid phone number.

Cell phones are no longer a ‘luxury.’  The internet is no longer a ‘luxury.’ BOTH are necessary as the Red Cross proved this week.

Since social media began to embed itself into our day-to-day lives, it has proven to be helpful in the most tragic, joyful, and heartbreaking of situations.  And, we can’t let it sit.  Our country – or any other – can not let it stand when ANYone gets in the way of what the internet can philanthropically do. Pakistan is in trouble. Haiti continues to struggle. We continue to struggle. It can’t sit.

It just can’t.

Net Neutrality please.

(UPDATE: I assure you, if it weren’t for the internet and social media, if I disappeared no one but my dog, bosses, or mother would no I was missing. By, then it would be too late.)

Oh.My.God. … Leahy’s competition parodies Old Spice Guy in campaign ad

I am without words.

“Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re watching Daniel Freilich, a challenger to Senator Patrick Leahy in the Vermont Democratic primary next week, harness the power of Youtube with a campaign ad parody of this year’s now legendary Old Spice Man commercial.