Sally Draper … lesbian?

Well, it could be blatant snark but I can’t tell.

How is a 10-year-old girl caught masturbating automatically a lesbian

Adolescence is never easy and when you have a shitty mother like Betty Draper, it’s even worse. Don is also trying to bring his new firm into adulthood, but not without growing pains. It’s tough for those Mad Men kids. On last night’s episode, we had parallel story lines about future lesbian Sally Draper being a difficult 10 year-old and Sterling Cooper Draper Price struggling to reach financial maturity.

It continues:

But the one who really gets yelled at is future lesbian Sally Draper, who cut her hair while she was with Phoebe the sitter while Don was out on his third date with Bethany (who we saw in the season premiere).

She says she wants to look pretty and have short hair like Phoebe so that her father will like her too. Also, she’s a lesbian in the making, of course she wants short hair!

This must be an odd rant about something I can’t figure out.  I’d love to know what the reactionary weirdness is to a young girl discovering her body, and at that age wanting to be beautiful like she thinks her father likes while she’s traumatized by her ruthless mother and divorce of her parents.  This is far too complex of an issue to blatantly assign gender preference. Really, what tha… ?

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