From whence the second Sherrod scandal sprang


Well, not Newsbusters, per se … rather Media Research Center which belongs to Brent Bozell.

You see, after extensive searching once the Charles Sherrod scandal re-emerged, @karoli @futuredirected, and I investigated.

The results of @karoli’s discoveries are here, including:

The latest accusations, which I have seen repeated verbatim on the Illinois Review and the Washington Examiner so far, and which appear to be from a press release sent out for posting across all conservative blogs in an effort to game the Google, are nearly unintelligible.

But then, as per Samantha’s crack research, we discover Tom Blumer, the Examiner author, also writes for Pajama’s Media.  His bio reports that he “owns a training and development company based in Mason, Ohio, outside of Cincinnati.He is an Examiner Opinion Zone blog contributor. He has blogged for five years at BizzyBlog, is a Contributing Editor at Newsbusters, and a regular columnist at Pajamas Media.”

Blumer links to this site (which appears to be a total scam) and in August of last year, this appeared on Mediaite.  It read:

Tom Blumer fumes at the wicked mainstream media for not paying enough attention to a recent Gallup poll that purportedly says that conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states: “you know this is important polling news, because the establishment media is pretending it doesn’t exist.” Did the media really drop the ball on a story this big? Upon closer reflection, this is a misleading claim at best, and bogus at worst.”

Leading us to Newsbusters with Blumer as a regular columnist.

Which directly leads us to owner of the site, and Media Research Center and Bozell, also with the Conservative Victory Committee.

Charities and non profits have been on my mind a lot, and while the one source covering issues what this blog calls ‘issuepreneurship’ is no longer available, it does point to something pretty telling (you can see it full size by either registering at or by enlarging by clicking on it.  This graph compares ‘charities’ of similar attributes.):

These guys run their nonprofit just like they want to run the government.  And, they’ve spread that message – systematically – far and wide.  It’s this group that began the Charles Sherrod saga as a way to discredit Shirley Sherrod, the USDA, and NAACP.  I have no real proof that the Shirley Sherrod smear began with them, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

All three of us continue to search for more information or leads …