NYT you disappoint me

Well, I am emailing DIA (secretively of course), and I will call them on their oh so secret hotline tomorrow to ask them about this, but I think the New York Times just wrote about a book, written by a man who believes 9/11 was an inside job – who also is a frequent guest of Alex Jones – and implied that DIA is trying to confiscate/purchase all the books for sale entitled: “Operation Dark Heart,” by Anthony A. Shaffer.

It seems, from all I could find on the author, that NYT just said DIA is after books written by a “Truther.” Okie Dokie.

Well, okay, it doesn’t just seem that way, I’m pretty sure it IS that way.  First there’s this:

“according to two people familiar with the dispute.”

Eek!  Well, if I’m a reporter for the New York Times reporting on a super scary obfuscation by DIA and the government, I just may get more than two quotes … and at least ONE from DIA even if it’s a denial.  But, hell, I guess I didn’t go to super special NYT journalism class.

In fact, if you look at all the links in the story … it’s all links to definitions of what the agencies are within the NYT’s site itself.  Not a single link to a publishing industry statement or even a quotation in the article. Hm. Curious.

“Army reviewers suggested various changes and redactions and signed off on the edited book in January, saying they had ‘no objection on legal or operational security grounds.'”

FABULOUS! No attribution or link … phooey!

Then, looking up “Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess Jr., the D.I.A. director.” Well, there was this:

Oh. Hm. That’s odd. Was HE DISAPPEARED?!

On top of that, the last three Wikipedia entries for Directors of the DIA have only been added/edited in the last month – and, notice how the main ‘source’ of the scary security threats are only showing up the news on half a page on GOOGLE for God’s sake?!

Well, I guess if you believe people like Alex Jones by whom the author of the book has been extensively interviewed, then sources are likely to go unchecked.  The story then goes on to quote other people basically talking about the rumor that is unsourced, undocumented, not fully quoted – or ANYTHING.

If you feel like believing an unsourced article, with no full quotations, by an author who is a 9/11 conspirator … go ahead.

This is my favorite part – and the BEST SALES TOOL EVER in the age of Wikileaks and massive conspiracy theories:

“The agency studied the possibility of buying the first printing, Mr. Wise said, but the publisher of Random House, Bennett Cerf, told the agency he would be glad to sell all the copies to the agency — and then print more.  ‘Their clumsy efforts to suppress the book only made it a bestseller,’ Mr. Wise said.”

Well, then … SOLD!