Attention seeking Wikileaks

That is the fact. Wikileaks, as an organization are attention whores.

There’s a certain amount of important information there, but with Julian Assange – an admitted liability – that’s about it.

Wikileaks has proven itself useless for disseminating information. It has proven itself UNABLE to figure out heads or tails.

It has proven itself nothing more than what it is:  a big ole truck of crap for everyone else to figure out.

And, that’s okay with me.  However, what I wish Wikileaks would do is STAY OUT OF MY NEWS!

The group doesn’t belong there, the group is not schooled in figuring this out (clearly) and they have no concept of storytelling to complete a picture.

Wikileaks is NOT journalism. IT.IS.NOT.JOURNALISM.

It is a (sometimes) means to an end.  It grasps at straws, it flails in the dark, and it has no clue where to go until someone says … ‘GO!’

In the past 24 hours, Wikileaks has tweeted that there is Iraqi prisoner abuse (shocker); it’s interestingly posted this which explicitly states it : “believes that  new media  –  including WikiLeaks and similar sites, should follow good ethical practices to ensure that the information made available is accurate, fairly presented and does not substantially harm other persons.”

Wikileaks has publicly proven it does not care about the afformentioned.

I’m afraid that anytime, in any circumstance, that you say ‘an official said’ when you cannot provide backup for that statement, is tantamount to blatant lying – and this includes any publication such as the New York Times or Washington Post.  You could at least find a backup RESOURCE. But, no.

This could be real, but I’d like to know the original URL or scan for it.  Wikileaks doesn’t provide it, but it seems a little rudimentary for CIA.  I mean, it links to a bunch of CIA stuff, but how much do you think CIA posts online LOL.

I’m not even gonna try and translate this. I don’t care.

Then, of course, Iceland.

THEN, Wikileaks expresses and claps its hands in delight that Jon Stewart reports that there is nothing new to see here … which is correct, since there is nothing new to see here (back in July .. a post tweeted just this month).

Debating on this is pointless: “Nick Turse speaking on our US Marines 20-country invasion predictions

Here, cute how everything’s redacted:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Wikileaks should stick to leaking, because folks who are so scared of exposure shouldn’t hang out in the sun.


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