If this doesn’t move progressives to vote, I don’t know what will

When I was in college, my first year at University of New Orleans, I was a soda pop junkie.

I always had a Coke waiting for me in the morning.

My dorm roommate was an Appleton, Wisc. native who, of course, was also a dead head and Phish fan.  Needless to say, she was a neo-hippie.

Anyhoo, shortly after we began cohabitating, she noticed my ‘Coke’ habit.  And, there are two things I learned from her, the second we’ll get to in a second.

I need a lot of time to wake up, so, at that time I used the snooze alarm … A LOT.  Considering our living space was the size of a child’s bedroom with two twin beds, built in desks, and a shared bathroom, I couldn’t blame her when she said one or two times: “Turn the alarm off or GET UP!”

Well, I still need three alarms (two with the snooze) to wake up in the wee hours (8ish. Yes, I’m that hard to wake up unless I’m fully rested).  So, that lesson was unlearned.

The Coke, however, is different (I now, finally, rarely drink soda).  A great comment from her, and one I remember very well – along with the other – is: “Well, that’s a GREAT way to RIP OPEN YOUR THROAT first thing in the morning.”

She was right.  She is right.

So, progressives, here’s something to rip open your throat first thing in the morning.

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