Firefighters have watched homes burn down in the past with these fee laws

To redeem myself from a post you no longer see here on Daily Dose, it seems important to note that incidents of firefighters being forced to watch homes burn to the ground because either folks didn’t get out and vote or they genuinely thought it was a good idea to not have publicly funded resources.

In Bozeman, Montana a man did not pay a $100 fee in 1979 and watched his house burn to the ground – it was the second time in three months for the town.  The newspaper account said the man learned of his house burning down from the newspaper.  It went on to say that the owner of the home was bitter and that they should have billed him, but that also fewer than half of the town was signed up for the program.

And, with each town’s and state’s rules being different, the other family whose house burned didn’t even know about the law.

Perhaps, in cases like this, there needs to be a newsletter sent out for each obscure, odd, and – in this case – damaging and heartbreaking – law.



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