Note to Mediaite’s Colby Hall/Shep Smith … Joy Behar is Italian

Joy Behar, I suspect, knows little to nothing about ‘the barrio’ as she is not even close to being Spanish-American.  She is Italian-American in ancestry.

No barrios, (added) at least in the American sense of the word.

Strange comment.

Here’s the quote:

She’s not in a barrio anymore, she’s on the set of the view.

Please correct me if I misheard.

(I even googled ‘Obario’ and ‘Abario’ just to be sure)

(adding) Nevertheless, to even bring that up! Behar is an educated woman who likely did NOT grow up in the ‘barrio’ and to use that word is SO silly. She may have a gut punch sense of humor, but she ain’t ‘ghetto’ if you will. That seems absurd.


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