Why I haven’t been writing

I’ve been haunted by the echochamber.

Woken up in the middle of a deep rest.

It comes from the right, it comes from the left, and it’s haunting.

It’s annoying.

It’s like a gnat flying and hovering above my wine that  I have to shoo away and then dump down the sink drain.

It’s an annoyance.

Lately that’s what I hear in the news.

This week, Rachel Maddow pointed out the hypocrisy of John McCain on DADT.  Then, the Daily Show did (and while I’m sure both were happening at the same time, still … ), THEN  AC360 pretty much showed exactly the same clips. And this was my week so far.

No original content, no following up and pretty much the exact bullshit I’ve come to expect.  No one will go on record, which both the NYT’s and Wapo has complained about … Politico.com apparently has no problem whatsoever.

Reporting has been nothing more, lately, than what Rachel said it is … publicity.   And I keep waiting for something more.

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