Black Swan=Fight Club for women and more

‘Black Swan’ was exceptional.

It took all of the schizophrenia from ‘Fight Club’ and added more.

This film was perfect, in my opinion.  No more disturbing than ‘Fight Club’ itself, but it added a feminine twist.

The seemingly innocent character is seduced into wanting to be exceptional … good for her.

She drifts between innocence and adulthood.  And, she fails.  Because as her journey begins, she can’t break away from reality and the story, as her dance instructor advises. She’s caught in a tie she can’t untangle.

Instead, she’s stuck in a dreamworld, where in the end, she performs beautifully, but in real life she performs badly.  It’s as if she can’t join righteousness with reality.  We all know how that feels.

It’s really a feminist story.  When undermining from a mother leads a young woman to an uprising and thusly a ‘slut shaming’ and after a young woman is sexually awakened, comes into her own, takes charge, and in this case comes into her own resulting in the death of her former self.  I think it’s beautiful.  Like a rebirth.

In my opinion, antagonists are fabulous, like her dance instructor. They open eyes. They may rile, but they will make you think.   Portman came into her own in each and every sequence with the ‘instructor.’ It was like a learning experience, literally and figuratively.

This film is well worth the watch for not only the opening sequence of the muscles in their FEET (for god’s sake) but for what, in my opinion, is the beauty behind the movie is what gives more than the label of ‘Thriller.’

I may be writing from a dancers perspective, but this movie is pretty spot on when it comes to letting go.


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