Dear Jane Hamsher, you ALSO, are not a victim

There are rules of regular city, county, and state roads.  And there are stricter rules for those of a military base/post.

You failed to renew your tags, admittedly.  You failed to carry insurance for your vehicle.

You were not detained, but your vehicle was – according to the standards and laws of most cities, counties, states, and military posts – lawfully seized if authorities so choose:

A spokesman for Quantico, First Lt. Brian Villiard, tells TPM that the incident was “certainly not political” and that the two weren’t detained per se.

“Standard operating procedure for the Marines that work at the gate is, if the vehicle has an invalid registration or cannot prove insurance, then that vehicle will be towed off base,” Villiard said, adding that the vehicle would be “inventoried” — that is, searched — first. “That kind of stuff takes time.”

He said guards do random registration and insurance checks, but in this case, they saw the license plates on Hamsher’s car were out of date as the car pulled up.

Villiard also said that Hamsher was ticketed and has a court date in civilian court in Alexandria.

The onus lies on you. No one else. You are not a victim, Manning is not a victim aside from poor judgment from a Marine at Quantico for a short amount of time:

The officials told NBC News, however, that a U.S. Marine commander did violate procedure when he placed Manning on “suicide watch” last week.

And I’m ASHAMED, from a journalistic perspective (having worked in both television news and print) that no journalist asked you about your expired tags and lack of auto insurance on the air.  Deeply, deeply ashamed.

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