JUST IN: Biden Accuser’s Story Similar to Unearthed Passage From Novel Written by Her Father

Tara Reade

Biden accuser Tara Reade’s graphic account of sexual assault is similar to a passage from a 2010 novel written by her father, Bob Moulton, that has been unearthed by internet sleuths.

Reade has leveled an escalating series of accusations at former Vice President Joe Biden that began last April with allegations of neck and shoulder-touching that made her uncomfortable.

Those claims escalated last month with a graphic account of an alleged 1993 assault in which Biden pinned her against a wall in the corridors beneath the Capitol and “went down my skirt, but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers. And he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me.”

A similar scene is described in a 2010 novel called “Loss: A Love Story,” written by Bob Moulton — whose 2016 obituary lists Reade as a surviving family member, and which also mentions the book.

Page 37 of that book describes a first sexual encounter between characters named “Jim” and “Jane”:

After several weeks of flirting with him she spent the night in his room on Bleeker Street next door to the Russian strip tease joint. As soon as he closed and locked the door he put his hands up her skirt grabbed her buttocks slid his hands under her panties spread her cheeks and rammed his fingers into her. In spite of her fear she eventually responded and they coupled on the rickety bed jolting it until its metal legs nearly gave way.

The passage was discovered and circulated on Twitter Wednesday night.

Former federal prosecutor Michael Stern presented a skeptical but thorough reading of Reade’s allegations and evidence in USA Today on Wednesday that did not include this passage.

Biden’s campaign has denied the allegation, but media pressure is slowly mounting for Biden to address the claims directly. MSNBC host Chris Hayes covered the allegations Wednesday night in a segment with author and feminist Rebecca Traisterboth of whom suggested that Biden address the issue head-on, rather than put women who support him on the spot to do so, echoing Traister’s recent column to that effect.