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Update:  This is a pain in the ass, so new plan.  You can get all of my AOL posts by clicking (and bookmarking?) here.  From now on, I think I’ll do one post a day with the AOL links, and maybe some additional commentary.  How’s that?  I will also try to archive my older links here going forward, but that’s a big effing  job.

This is where I’ll  list my AOL links from now on, with the occasional cross-post in the main section if I have something to add.  I’ll be adding older links as I go along, but these are a good start.


President and Mrs. Obama to Pay for White House Makeover Themselves


Meghan McCain Loves ‘Jabba the Rush’


Update: Inconsistencies Arise Regarding Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape

The Republicans’ Latest ACORN Fail

Brazilian President Blames ‘White People with Blue Eyes’ for Economic Crisis

President Obama Sparks Reefer Madness: Donations to NORML Spike

Obama Girl (un)Lights the Way For Earth Hour

03/27/09  Best C-Span Clip Evah: Sen. Chuck Grassley Knocks ’em Dead in Budget Committee

03/27/09 12:41 PM  The GOP’s ‘Universal’ Healthcare Worse Than What Lost in November

03/27/09 8:20 AM  Speaking of Toxic Assets: Hitler’s Artwork For Sale?

03/26/09 3:51 PM  President Obama Hosts First Ever Online Presidential Town Hall

03/26/09 7:33 PM  House Republicans Announce They Will Present Own Budget…um..Next Wednesday!

03/26/09 5:11 PM  Ebony Editor to Rush Limbaugh: Get Out of the Office More

03/26/09 3:33 PM  Rush Limbaugh Slams Ebony Magazine Reporter

03/26/09 12:13 AM  Gibbs: President Believes You Have to Use Your Heart in Your Policy

03/25/09 7:37 PM  Americans are High on Hillary Clinton

03/25/09 6:39 PM  Political Machine Appears in New Blockbuster Film ‘Knowing’

03/25/09 6:04 PM  Associated Press Jumps on Obama TelePrompTer Bandwagon

03/25/09 4:40 PM   Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats Not on Same Page

03/25/09 2:43 PM  Alaska Democrat Wants Sarah Palin to Take it All Off

03/24/09 11:24 PM  President Obama Challenges His Challengers

03/24/09 3:28 PM  Tommy Christopher vs Caleb Howe on Ed Morrissey’s Show – Live!

03/24/09 2:48 PM   ‘Purple Tunnel of Doom’ Report Released

03/24/09 11:35 AM  Laura Ingraham Fill-In Says ‘We’ve Got Trash in the White House’

03/24/09 10:11 AM  President Obama Calls For Global Economic Cooperation

03/23/09 6:00 PM    Barney Frank Calls Justice Antonin Scalia a ‘Homophobe’

03/23/09 4:48 PM    Stop Loafing and Focus on the Economy!

03/23/09 3:40 PM   Drudge: ‘Obama to the Rescue’ with 497 Point Stock Market Gain

03/23/09 1:00 PM    The Truth About Barack Obama’s TelePrompTer!

03/23/09 9:00 AM    Sarah Palin ‘Special Olympics Hypocrisy’ Argument Unfair

03/22/09 11:48 AM    Wax On! New Jersey Drops Brazilian Waxing Ban

03/22/09 10:00 AM  HuffPo Editor: Geithner’s ‘Dropped More Balls Than a Drunk Juggler’

03/21/09 8:00 PM  ‘Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’ Verges on Offensive

03/21/09 4:16 PM  Top Ten Barack Obama/Joe Biden Gaffes

03/21/09   Actress Portia De Rossi Apologizes for Marrying Ellen DeGeneres

03/21/09 2:10 PM  Geithner’s Plan Leaked; Krugman Says ‘Zombie Ideas Have Won’

03/20/09 6:31 PM  Twitter Gone Bad

03/20/09 3:58 PM  Conservative Crowd Makes Joe the Plumber ‘Horny’

03/20/09 2:49 PM  President Apologizes For Special Olympics Quip on Leno, But Not for Geithner

03/20/09 12:01 AM  President Obama Makes ‘Special Olympics’ Crack on Leno

03/19/09 7:48 PM  GOP Tone Deaf on Obama’s NCAA Bracket, Leno Appearance

03/19/09 2:56 PM  Sour Grapes: Duke Coach Says Obama Should Worry About Economy, Not NCAA Picks

03/19/09 1:38 PM  Jim Cramer Calls Jon Stewart ‘Naive’ to Attack Media

03/19/09 1:56 AM  Attorney General: Everybody Must Get Stoned…According to State Law

03/18/09 9:30 PM  Tucker Carlson Concern-Trolls Jon Stewart at Daily Beast

03/18/09 7:55 PM Poll: Sarah Palin to Lose Big to Obama in 2012

03/18/09 11:56 AM    CNN Host on Meghan McCain Cancellation: ‘Maybe She Got a Date’

03/18/09 9:45 AM    Talk of Legislative ‘Nuclear Option’ Just a Warning Shot

03/17/09  7:56 pm    NSFW – Sen. Chuck Grassly: AIG Sucking the What of the Who?

03/17/09 4:46 PM    Battlestar Galactica at the Frakkin’ United Nations!

03/17/09 2:00 PM   Tucker Carlson Attacks Jon Stewart For Attacking Cramer, NOT Himself

03/17/09 12:53 PM  Rick Santelli Doesn’t Get it, Thinks AIG Bonuses No Big Deal

03/17/09 10:18 AM  Laura Ingraham Calls Meghan McCain ‘Useful Idiot’ and Deflects to Obama

03/17/09 8:30 AM  AIG Did Make One Huge Sacrifice: Their Own Shirts

03/17/09 2:23 AM  Sarah Palin Forced to Appoint Pro-Choice Judge

03/16/09 8:08 PM  Sean Penn to Star as Valerie Plame’s Husband

03/16/09 5:46 PM    Meghan McCain on The View: ‘Kiss My Fat Ass!’

03/16/09 11:00 AM  ‘Hillary:The Movie’ to be Judged By Supreme Court, Not Ebert

03/16/09 10:10 AM  Fact Check: President Obama Did NOT Break Signing Statement Promise

03/16/09 8:00 AM  Meghan McCain’s Next Victim: Laura Ingraham

03/15/09 2:05 PM  Sarah Palin Aide Flames Fightin’ Jake Tapper

03/14/09 3:50 PM   Ron Paul vs Stephen Baldwin on Marijuana Laws? Are You High?

03/14/09 1:45 PM   Speaking of CNBC, Obama Names New FDA Chief

03/14/09 12:07 PM  Robert Gibbs Relished Jon Stewart’s Awesome Jim Cramer Takedown

03/14/09 11:13 AM  Ann Coulter Book-Sales Stimulus is Failing

03/13/09 10:58 AM  Conservative Columnist Claims Witnesses to Disney CEO F-Bomb

03/13/09 8:49 AM  Uncensored Video: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer

03/12/09 8:06 PM  White House Press Briefing: Gibbs Doesn’t Watch Hardball

03/12/09 7:16 PM  Gibbs on Reviewing Vetting Process: ‘No!’

03/12/09 5:24 PM  Mavericky Reformer Sarah Palin’s State Tops in Omnibus Earmarks

03/12/09 12:50 PM Democrats Announce Winning Rush Limbaugh Billboard

03/12/09 9:46 AM  Ari Fleischer Strikes Out While Defending Bush Legacy

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