Exclusive: CPAC 2010 Photos #CPAC10

It’s been a week since I attended my first CPAC 2010 event, and I’m just now getting to put up the many pictures I took at the conference. I decided to give them each their own page, rather than one long entry that would take forever to load. Enjoy!

Exclusive Photos: Ed Morrissey and Mary Katherine Ham Eating…Arugula!!! #CPAC10

While it’s not on the same level as the end of Soylent Green, I’d say it at least stacks up with Animal Farm. MK pointed out that she can enjoy arugula while still recognizing the political problem it poses. And I can do this.

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Kate’s Corner ~~~ A young Transwoman’s take on Coulter, Olbermann and HRC


By Kate Doak.

If anyone thought that sexism wasn’t rife within politics and the media, the events of the last few days should cure them. Between homophobic comments, ACORN rants and penis jokes by some attendees of the recent CPAC summit, not to mention a proverbial tennis match between Keith Olbermann and Ann Coulter over transgender individuals, there’s more than enough ammunition floating around that shows the influence that issues like sex and sexuality have on society today.

Now Ann Coulter and Keith Olbermann have a long history of despising each other’s guts, to the point where a Bullwhip, Chair and Pistol would probably be useful if they ever met face to face and were forced to openly talk about their differences. Like two competing lightening rods, both of these individuals are polarised to their respective ideals in a way that will never change.

As a young Trans-woman, I’ve heard my fair share of transgender-orientated jokes and rants from both conservatives and liberals. For some weird reason, we tend to be regular targets of ridicule for Conservatives, some feminists and parts of the gay community alike. Coincidently as I’m writing this, I’m receiving extremely cold stares from a gay guy who used to reside in my University Dorm and officially complained about my Transition last year. Transphobia can come from anyone, regardless of politics, location or sexuality.

Recently Ann Coulter launched an attack on MSNBC, pretty much calling Keith Olbermann a Mama’s Boy, Richard Wolffe a creepy androgynous “he-she”, and Rachel Maddow a dude. In a strange twist for a Journalism student, words cannot describe the disgust that I’m experiencing typing these comments out. They are examples of Transphobia in their most vile and blatant form. To the best of my knowledge, neither Maddow or Wolffe have commented publicly on Coulter’s remarks. Olbermann on the other hand has decided to trade barbs with Coulter over this, resorting to referencing Ann’s well known nickname, “Mann Coulter”.

Over the years Olbermann has proved to be a very useful ally for the LGBT movement and the Transgender community in general. Coulter on the other hand, has a vindictive streak within her personality, regularly showing that she’s willing to stamp on the weakest in society if it furthers her own social and political agenda. However annoying, offensive and disgusting it may be, hearing Transphobic remarks from Ann isn’t very surprising. Hearing Keith use Transgender people as a punchline against Ann Coulter however, is.

Quoting Olbermann: (video in link)

“All I have to say about Ann Coulter is this. If this guy wants to live his life as a woman I’m going to back his choice up 100 percent. Coultergeist, today’s not worst person in the world.”

Now I know that I’ll catch a lot of flack for this, but Olbermann crossed a line in saying that. Just because Coulter targeted MSNBC with Transphobic remarks, doesn’t give Olbermann the moral right to respond in kind, no matter how justified or satisfying such a return volley might be. At all times a media personality must take into consideration the ideals and values of their audience, while acting responsibly. With this particular story, I don’t think that Keith and his writers did that, as there are plenty of other punchlines that he could have used that wouldn’t have ridiculed one of the smallest and quietest minorities in the world. Both Keith and Ann’s respective tirades do nothing but promote an environment where transgender people are threatened with violence on a daily basis. The horrific murders of people like Angie Zapata, Gwen Araujo and Brandon Teena are testament to that.

The latest round of Olbermann and Coulter’s “Love-fest” also showcases the low priority that organisations such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD and The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have for the Transgender community at this time. Since this story broke, there hasn’t been a single press release or comment from any of these organisations about either Olbermann’s or Coulter’s comments. This is extremely surprising given the fact that Coulter called CNN’s Anderson Cooper gay and Olbermann a girl, at the Conservative Political Action Conference for 2010 over the weekend.  If it wasn’t for columnists such as Tommy Christopher and the people at Queerty, it is highly probable that the punchline of these comments would have gone un-noticed.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time that these organisations have ignored issues concerning the Transgender community for political gain. Soon after The Task Force’s Creating Change 2010 summit earlier this month, I asked the Human Rights Campaign’s Diversity Officer Allyson Robinson via Twitter what her organisation’s policies are towards Transgender people in the military and why there weren’t Transgender provisions within the Bill to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. After having to apply considerable pressure, I was then informed that the Transgender community is covered by a “Medical Policy” and that I should talk to “Knights Out” about it. For those of you who don’t know, that’s Washington-speak for “You are too controversial for us to consider helping with this Bill. Go away and be someone else’s problem”. This chain of thought is typical of what the Transgender community has been experiencing for quite a while, where HRC will only advocate for Transgender rights if it is politically advantageous for them to do so.

Ironically, as Transphobic as Coulter’s and Olbermann’s comments are, they aren’t nearly as offensive as the refusal of some LGBT rights organisations to stand up to them.


Kate Doak is a Postgraduate student at the University of New England, Australia.  Over the past several years, Kate’s changed genders once, academic fields twice and has developed a deep passion for radio broadcasting.  When not posting for Tommy Christopher’s Daily Dose, she can be found at www.tunefm.net or on Twitter.

New York Times: Ann Coulter’s Makeup Takes 40 Minutes


As I was looking for info about Ann Coulter’s refusal to curse Sean Penn out in a movie, I ran across this throwaway line in a New York Times story about eminent domain.  The subject of the story, Susette Kelo, was appearing on Fox News, and Coulter happened to be in the green room.  I think this is the kind of “pull” that appeals to both sides:

They watched as another guest on the show, Ann Coulter, commanded attention — a makeup artist required a full 40 minutes to prep the glamorous basher of liberals. When it came time to apply the blush to the other woman in the room, Ms. Kelo said, “I haven’t worn makeup in 10 years.”

It made me laugh, because it was such a random swipe. The author of the story doubles back once to smack Coulter while she tries to get up:

Mr. Benedict thought of other contrasts between the two women. There was a great buzz in the building when Ms. Coulter arrived. Ms. Kelo was greeted as any ordinary citizen off the street, without heads turning. Yet Mr. Benedict wrote in his journal that night that 50 years from now the name Susette Kelo will be far better known than Ann Coulter.

Um, yeah, maybe the day after she cures cancer or something.

I am definitely no fan of Coulter’s, but I’ve thought for a long time that my liberal fellows diminish themselves greatly when they make fun of Coulter’s looks.  Let’s face it, in a gallery of political rabble-rousers, there aren’t a lot of supermodels.  If you put Coulter in a lineup with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Al Franken, and Michael Moorann_coulter_thumbe, she fares very well.  I actually like the gritty photo she has of herself on her website.

I’ve also dismayed at the gender-based cracks about Ann.  For a group that claims to care about equality for all LGBTQ people, it seems like an odd choice.

So, to my fellow liberals, I know it seems like a tough needle to thread, but you can be the better person and still land a good metaphorical punch.

Besides, does it diminish your argument in some way if Coulter’s bod gives you a feeling up your leg?  Do you think Sean Penn didn’t get some kind of charge out of the idea of being lashed onscreen by Ann?

Redstate Takes Down Meghan McCain!

I was going to do a roundup of conservative reaction to Meghan McCain’s evisceration of Ann Coulter, but my old stomping ground, Redstate, offers a one-stop shopping experience that’s impossible to resist.

Here’s some of Erick Erickson’s brick-by-brick dismantling of Megan McCain:

Let’s just pick apart one measly paragraph of this pablum by Megan McCain complaining about Ann Coulter to get to how ridiculous it is.

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Student Alleges Police Brutality at Ann Coulter Lecture

Read the AOL story, then come back:coulter_assault1350

Student Alleges Police Brutality at Ann Coulter Lecture

I hate this kind of shit.  This dickbag thinks he knows the law, he thinks he’s gonna stick it to Ann Coulter, and he just makes us all look bad.  He’s lucky Coulter didn’t mace him.  If some jerkoff without a book jumped the line at my book signing, he’d be swallowing his fucking teeth instantly.  What, is she supposed to wait for the guy to throw acid on her?

I’m sure the cops were dicks, and that sucks, but cops are much worse dicks to people who deserve it even less.  I can’t believe the dude published that photo of a zit on his temple.  I’d have been embarrassed to brag about that kind of “injury.”  Did he write it in his special notebook?

Plus, he’s from Jersey.  C’mon, he got off easy.  In Jersey, if you don’t wear a seatbelt, the cops give you one warning shot.  One.

It’s shit like this that gives liberals the pussy reputation that most of us don’t deserve.

Drudge: NBC Bans Ann Coulter For Life (Updated with VIDEO)

Drudge: NBC Bans Ann Coulter For Life (Updated with VIDEO)

Wow, yet another similarity between Ann Coulter and Pete Rose.

Drudge is reporting that NBC scrapped a Coulter appearance at the last minute, and that the network has banned her from its air for life:

The nation’s top selling conservative author has been banned from appearing on NBC, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

“We are just not going to have her on any more, it’s over,” a top network source explains.

But a second top suit strongly denies there is any “Coulter ban”.

I hate to pat myself on the back, but it looks like my headline from yesterday was dead-on. While Coulter’s de-fanged fashion critique was a sobering omen for the right-wing press, the fact that even that got her banned from NBC portends a rough 8 years.

I find it curious that NBC stuck with Coulter through “faggot” jokes and 9/11 widow-trashing, but has taken a stand now. I also wonder if NBC will stick with the ban even if Coulter thinks up a cheesy but popular game show premise.

I’ve also been told by a close friend that Coulter is a delight in person, corroborating Matt Lewis’ description. I’m also told that Hannibal Lecter threw a hell of a dinner party.

Drudge goes on to say that others at NBC, including Joe Scarborough, are opposing the ban. I say that it is hypocritical for NBC to exploit Coulter when the political winds blow her way, but to “find their outrage” now that Obama is in office.

UPDATE (8:39 am): Ann Coulter appears on CBS’s The Early Show. Video after the jump.

Sign of Times for Right Wing Press: Ann Coulter Channels Mr. Blackwell

Sign of Times for Right Wing Press: Ann Coulter Channels Mr. Blackwell

If you were looking forward to the good old days of Dem bashing from the right wing press, think again. The Age of Obama has begun, and it’s starting to look like the all-stars of the Clinton and Bush eras have been cowed by the broad support that the President Elect enjoys.

Exhibit A: Poison penned pundit Ann Coulter, known for making “faggot” jokes about John Edwards and trashing 9/11 widows, takes aim at Michelle Obama in her new book. After all of the ink that has been spilled thus far, depicting her as Eldridge Cleaver with a vagina, all Coulter can manage is a fashion critique:

“Her obvious imitation of Jackie O’s style – the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls – would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint.”

What next, a Rush Limbaugh tome deconstructing the cinematography of Obama’s campaign ads? Michelle Malkin marking up grammatical errors in Obama’s speeches with red pen? Michael Savage complaining about Harry Reid’s improper use of parliamentary procedure? What is this world coming to?

I don’t know if I want to live in that world, or if I could even stay awake in it. I think that Democrats, being the compassionate types, should fund a new set of balls for the right-wing media. Hell, they’ve got more than they can handle.

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New Ann Coulter Book ‘Guilty’ of Re-Hashing

New Ann Coulter Book ‘Guilty’ of Re-Hashing
Drudge is reporting that Ann Coulter (whom Brandon Barker reports has suffered a serious injury from which I wish her a speedy recovery) has a new book coming out just in time for Barack Obama’s inauguration. He’s got a preview of the copy from the book’s jacket:

“GUILTY is a much-needed reality check on a Left gone wild,” declares the book’s jacket.

“When it comes to bullying, no one outdoes the Left. Citing case after case, ranging from the hilariously absurd to the shockingly vicious, Coulter dissects so-called victims who are invariably the oppressors. For instance: While B. Hussein Obama piously condemned attacks on candidates’ families, his media and campaign surrogates ripped open the court-sealed divorce records of his two principal opponents in his Senate race in Illinois.”

Is that all Coulter’s got? A lie about Obama (he denounced the use of divorce files in his campaign; it was several media outlets and GOP primary opponents who spearheaded the effort to release them), and the tired old “In the Tank” argument that Mark Halperin just tried to sell?

Mindless Clinton-era bashing is not going to work anymore. The right-wing media is going to need to adapt in order to survive. Dinosaurs like Coulter are going to have some lean years.

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