Will CNN Report on Obama Anti-Christ Story…Again?

As I noted last week, this is the time of year when news coverage gets a little bit creative.  Let’s face it, health care is sexy, but not August sexy.

Still, even in the dog-day spectrum of Montauk Monsters, Birther Madness, and Chupacabra sightings, the “revelation” that Jesus said Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ is pretty ridiculous.  Sure, a blog like Salon’s War Room, or perhaps The Daily Show, might kill some time mocking the notion, but no serious news organization would trot this out.  Would they?

Not so fast.  Billie at Daily Dose dug up this clip from last August, in which CNN ruminates on the question of then-candidate Barack Obama’s possible Anti-Christhood.

My favorite part of the clip is that, while they seem to mock the idea that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ, CNN appears to take the existence of an Anti-Christ at face value.

I also liked Campbell Brown’s characterization of this as a “rumor,” as if watercoolers everywhere are abuzz.  While Sarah Palin may take exception to some of the media’s coverage of her, no mainstream network ever reported that she might be the harbinger of the End of Days.

The latest incarnation of the theory comes to us via a YouTube video in which the narrator says, “I report, you decide,” an indication that he’s lobbying for some exposure on Fox News.

Considering all of this, the question doesn’t seem to be if one of the networks will cover the Anti-Christ story, but rather which one and when.  I say we start a pool.

Billie’s Quickies

bllieddoseWhat will the news cycle hold this week?  I’m taking bets!

Last week was full of ridiculousness in the news that was reported by serious news folk.  Let’s predict what the news cycle will be this week.  Your mission – newspeople – if you choose to accept it is to avoid the following:

  • Is President Obama the Antichrist? You – serious newstypes –  have “reported” on it once before, but this time I hope you do the right thing.

Since Mondays and Fridays tend to be rather slow news days, I’m taking bets as to which of these “stories” are run – and by whom:

(I still can’t figure out why Beck is giving a Boy/Girl Scout salute in ledherhosen – is he hatin’ on the Scouts too…don’t they have similar do-gooder pledges like the oh so scary Americorps?)

Meanwhile – everyone loves a Flashmob!