Melinda Henneberger Supports Tommy Christopher Taking on Playboy?

The saga of the Playboy Hate F*** List, my denunciation of it, and my subsequent firing by Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger, just got a whole lot stranger.

I’ve been gratified by the  widespread support since my firing, especially since I only wrote what any decent human being would.  I would have been elated to be drowned out by a chorus of agreement.  Still, I am blown away by the source of my most recent accolade: Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger: (From HuffPo) Continue reading

This Has Got to Stop Now

I made the mistake of wandering into the comments section of Melinda Henneberger’s latest story for Politics Daily.  I didn’t read all of them, but there was one in particular in which someone engaged in vicious, misogynist name-calling.  Since it wasn’t deleted, I hope that means she hasn’t read it yet.  I’m going to email another editor to see if it can be deleted.

Less heinous, but still disturbing, were attacks on Melinda’s writing style and skill.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but Melinda is an accomplished writer, with nothing to prove on that score.  In any case, I would not have another writer criticized in the process of defending me.

Anonymity and a sense of injury do not make everything fair game.

On Playboy and the Firing of Tommy Christopher

Note: I will do a separate post to thanks everyone for their generosity and support.  My gratitude is indescribable.

Wow, it’s been a crazy 30 hours or so.  There’s been a lot written about my firing, and I don’t want to waste time duplicating that, but I’ll list the links after the cut.  Here’s what I would add.

This firing was the decision of the Editor in Chief of Politics Daily alone.  I’ve spoken with several people inside the AOL organization, lateral to her and up, and without veering into off-the-record stuff, they are supportive of me and my work, and those relationships remain intact.  Yes, even with all of this publicity, which has been unreal. Continue reading

Some Guy Named @TommyXtopher Gets Fired, Twitter Reacts

Update: I added a 2nd round of tweets, including Media Lizzy’s very touching “one #followfriday” campaign.  Awww!

I feel like a total tool asking for donations, but this was really sudden.  I love you whether or not you click here to donate to my site.

I’ll have more to say tomorrow, but I wanted to enshrine the awesomeness of the Twitter community in responding to my firing from Politics Daily.  Below the fold are the Tweets in reaction to this news, in reverse chronological order. This is not an endorsement of everything said in those Tweets, simply a chronicle of them.

Continue reading

Bad News; also, W to The F-Update:Consider This an Open Thread


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Hey Dosers, got a piece of news for y’all, via the Twitter:

@TommyXtopher: Will be off the grid for awhile dealing with the fact that I just got fired by

I’m pretty sure your reaction was the same as mine, namely: “What in fanciful fuckery?!” No word on the why, though my suspicions trend towards that Playboy hate f*** article getting pulled the other day. Being that Daily Dose is an unpaid gig, I’m sure Tommy would very much appreciate any donations made to the blog via Paypal, since he is currently unemployed.

Thanks for your support, guys.

Update: Tommy sent the following statement to College Politico:

“I am grateful to AOL for the opportunities they’ve given me, but I disagree strongly with their decision to fire me. Considering the amount of external traffic I drive to the site, it seems like a poor business decision. Given the strength of content like my Playboy article, it seems like a poor editorial decision, as well.”

Update 2: This is Tommy. Hi. I’m very touched by the outpouring of support, and encourage further garment-rending on my behalf.  This is now an open thread.