Hmmm…Does the President Support the Public Option?


During President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress last night, delivered over the din of Republican obstruction, he spent 7 paragraphs speaking about the need for a public health insurance option, and included one in the White House’s reform plan.  What did the Associated Press take away from all of this?

Analysis: Obama willing to deep-six public option

This analysis seems to spring from these two sentences:

For example — for example, some have suggested that the public option go into effect only in those markets where insurance companies are not providing affordable policies. Others have proposed a co-op or another non-profit entity to administer the plan. These are all constructive ideas worth exploring.

So, two sentences placating the GOP’s and Blue Dogs’ macaroni art constitutes a repudiation of the public option?

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The Kettle (Associated Press) Goes After the Pot (Content Thieves)

The AP is declaring war on online content thieves, according to HuffPo, making this super-ironic declaration:apobamicon

“We Can No Longer Stand By And Watch Others Walk Off With Our Work”

Oh, what do I do?  Laugh in their faces?  Spit?

These are the same dickbags who stole my reporting, didn’t credit me, then when I called their Washington editor, basically told me to shove it.

See, I scored a rare exclusive on the Michelle Obama ring story.  I managed to get a statement out of the jeweller first thing in the morning, before he clammed up.  I was the only one with a statement.  Not Politico, who tried and failed, or anyone else.

The AP runs a 1 paragraph item that afternoon, cites the denial with zero attribution or sourcing, and doesn’t credit me.  I can’t tell you exactly what their editor told me .on our multiple phone conversations, because it was off the record.  See, I have integrity.

So, eff the AP.  Hard, with sand on it.