Another Radar EXCLUSIVE! About What Shitty Journalists They Are

Radar’s latest is a completely unsourced account about the weak, alleged Ashley Biden cocaine video, this time talking about how the guy who tried to sell it allegedly set the whole thing up.  Not a single source, named or otherwise.

They’re running it on a splash page that chronicles their entire journey through shit journalism.  See, here’s where we went to see a copy (of a copy?  Retouched?) of a tape that some guy was trying to sell.  Here’s where we were not convinced enough to buy it, but happy to pimp it for traffic!  And here’s where the guy’s lawyer told us his client duped us all!  And here’s where we claim the guy duped Ashley, with no sources!  Ahh, good times!

Oh, but we get even worse!  Here, we milk a paragraph from the NY Post with a misleading headline,  and we don’t mention that the charge was dropped!

Radar sucks.  Just ask them.


Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape Sounds Like a Fake

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Update:  Radar now reports that Tom Dunlap, the lawyer who tried to broker the deal, has quit, dropping the alleged videographer, due to “publicity.”  Strange logic, considering the task he was retained to do.  Shielding himself, certainly, but from publicity???

Update 2: Jonathan Turley has more detail on the lawyer who dropped the video’s owner as a client.

Update 3: The lawyer who quit once sued kickball.  I’m not kidding.

In my story at AOL, Update: Inconsistencies Arise Regarding Alleged Ashley Biden Cocaine Tape, I started to go intoashley_biden_facebook some of the reasons this tape is starting to look as fake as the “Whitey tape.”

I’m only reporting on it at all because 3 different accounts are already being blasted out across the internet, and none of them match up.  You can check out the AOL story for the background, I want to focus here on why this sounds like a fake to me.

According to the most detailed story, the NY Post account, the following facts lead me to believe this is a fake:

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