Porn Star Senate Hopeful Arrested, Political Adviser’s Car Explodes

stormy2As longtime followers of adult film actress Stormy Daniels’ burgeoning quest to unseat Louisiana Senator David Vitter, we were disappointed to learn that her bid hit a pair of rather large bumps this week.  First, there was her arrest on domestic abuse charges:

Daniels was charged with battery after she allegedly hit her husband, Michael Mosny, over the head with her hands. According to the police report, she was angry about a bill Mosny hadn’t paid and about the way his father had done the laundry. She broke a flower pot and a few glass candle holders, threw their wedding album on the floor and allegedly hit her husband while struggling to get the car keys from him. She denied hitting him intentionally.

According to TPM, the arrest didn’t deter her plans to go at it with Vitter.

Neither, apparently, did the explosion of Daniels political adviser Brian Welsh’s car.  Adding to the surreality of the situation, Welsh has posted surveillance video of the incident on his YouTube page.

Here’s the “before” video, which shows someone tampering with the car:

And here, as Welsh says, is his car “blowing up in a pretty serious way.”

Police are looking for a suspect they describe as “blurry.”

While many view Daniels’ candidacy as a publicity stunt, she certainly appears to be unsinkable.  In any case, these appear to be 2 exceptions to the adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.