Exclusive: CPAC 2010 Photos #CPAC10

It’s been a week since I attended my first CPAC 2010 event, and I’m just now getting to put up the many pictures I took at the conference. I decided to give them each their own page, rather than one long entry that would take forever to load. Enjoy!

Exclusive Photos: Ed Morrissey and Mary Katherine Ham Eating…Arugula!!! #CPAC10

While it’s not on the same level as the end of Soylent Green, I’d say it at least stacks up with Animal Farm. MK pointed out that she can enjoy arugula while still recognizing the political problem it poses. And I can do this.

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What 9/12 Means to Me

I spent a few minutes this morning watching Glenn Beck’s Howard-Beale-meets-Bob-Ross act on Fox News, and after having several brani clels melted, I flipped over to watch President Obama telling his “fired up” story, which I had never heard before.  The contrast was pretty amazing.

Still, Beck did get me thinking about the idea of 9/12, which he is twisting to his own freakish ends.  I know I didn’t wake up that day thinking, “Man, I have got to protect insurance company profits!”
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President Obama Shows Best Defense Against Pirates: Dead Pirates

Now that new details of the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips are emerging, the rabid right is in full backspin mode, obama_bernanke_meetingtwisting the story as it develops in order to undercut the President as much as possible.  Jeff Emanuel and Caleb Howe ran with the early story that the SEALs shot only after the Captain had leapt into the sea, and somehow decided that this made the President deficient.  Caleb updated his story, but still decides the President is wrong.  Shocker.

Mark Impomeni and Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, think the President should have compromised the safety of the Captain and the rescue mission by spewing out information to the pirates and their accomplices.

It turns out the President handled this situation perfectly.  To Jeff and Mark, I would say that the President isn’t looking for, nor does he deserve, credit for the rescue.  He deserves credit for doing his job, nothing more. Continue reading

Today’s Quickies and… Dinner

Okay, I’m done posting videos and AOL stuff for the day, and I’m all yours now.

I meant to take a picture of today’s dinner, but I forgot.  I made grilled salmon (with my secret rub) for Diana and Chris, and a ribeye on the bone for me, grilleed corn on the cob, and saloio rolls with a balsamic reduction compound butter.  Unbelievable.

My debunkage of the Ashley Biden tape continues to sizzle, and my AOL story got linked by the LA Times.  I find it disgraceful that this story has spread with so little skepticism or presumption of innocence.  Crap journalism at its crappest.

Anyhoo, here are today’s quickies, with an assist from Moonshines With Deer:

Old, but funny, Shep Smith mocks Glenn Beck.

What does it say about David Knowles that he makes his stand here?

Next time, he ought to have a “Rose Ceremony.”

Me vs. the TelePrompTer.

“…and who wrote this neat-o black book with the gold trim? I see these in, like, every hotel room!”

Well, I think this calls for a to…never mind.

I think Cube knows this guy, or something.

Jake Tapper is a little bit bored on the plane.

From Caleb’s Twitter feed: The truth is out there, and perhaps Irish http://bit.ly/4lT3R

From Caleb:

Killing rabbits to save birds, because we already hunted all the cats … or .. wait, what? http://www.examiner.com/x-662-Strange-News-Examiner~y2009m3d17-Environmentalists-love-birds-so-much-they-decide-to-kill-100000-rabbits

What’s the matter with Minnesota? Fat dads doing Hannah Montana, that’s what: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/03/30/national/main4904591.shtml

Ghost in the machine (if by machine you mean old ass castle): http://news.aol.com/article/scottish-ghost/402383

This white line separates your half of the country from mine. I get the kitchen: http://www.cracked.com/article_15821_fun-size-countries-insane-histories-worlds-6-tiniest-nations.html

first: http://twitter.com/CalebHowe/status/1421521464
second: http://twitter.com/CalebHowe/status/1421552193

NYU Kimmel Siege – Funniest Protest EVAH!

I’m not going to embed the video, because I want you to have to go to Caleb Howe’s hilarious post below, then come back:

Keystone Protesters’ NYU ‘Revolt’ Ends With Hissy Fit

That was so funny, I thought Caleb deserved every one of the clicks he got from you.

Jesus, it was like “Dog Day Afternoon” meets “The Office.”  Fuck me, that was funny.  I almost choked on my Pepsi One when the kid said “They don’t want water bottles, they probably drink corporate water.”  In fact, I did choke on my Pepsi One.  I was dead for, like, 8 minutes.  I woke up and said “Satan’s a chick?”

I’ve said it before (but I’m too lazy to find the link), modern political protest is empty and dead.  Again, I’m too lazy to find a link, but the best I’ve seen are those great kids in Denver who showed the Westboro assholes what’s what.

Breakin My Rick Roll Cherry

So, I posted a rebuttal to Caleb’s story about Olbermann getting 1 fact wrong, just 1!

Was Olbermann Really Wrong About Kit Bond?

I felt kinda bad, because if that had been me, I would have probably wheezed and grabbed my arm just above the elbow.  Just as I was patting myself on the back this morning, Caleb and I had this exchange, over the AIM: Continue reading