Billie’s Quickies

bllieddoseGirls totally rocked this week!

Several years ago I had the pleasure of being a booker for fantastic band The Gun & Doll Show in San Francisco.  It was only for a short time, but while I worked with the terrific group, we had the opportunity to help promote the documentary “Girls Rock!” It was a blast, and the young girls took to that stage and played to that audience like Rock-n-Roll veterans.

So, after the weirdest news month I’ve seen since the primaries last year, I thought I’d end the week with a little inspiration, a shot of reality, and a whole lot of AWESOME from two girls who ROCKED this week – one played guitar, the other fed the hungry.

Billie’s Quickies

This has got to be the strangest, funniest, and oddly sweet Harry Potter fan I have ever seen…Harry Potter and the Japanese fangirl.

I wish this were a joke – I really, really do:  Company Denies its Robots Feed on the Dead.

Funny and Informative:  Palin’s Resignation edited by Vanity Fair’s Executive Literary Editor

Palin’s Resignation: The Edited Version

Charitible website for the day

“Chin up, head down,” letters from a young British soldier who lost his life serving in Afghanistan.

Ms. Jessica Valenti of has a lovely way of gearing me up for a fight – and I’m glad she does when this could become reality if left unchallenged.

Six YouTube Classics in Two Minutes….My favorite is the panda.

From the Youtube: Education and Punchuation

Here’s a Youtube twinbill that have little to do with each other, but I’m trying to save some time.

First, the secret to fixing education in this country.  I’ll never understand why we didn’t just keep cranking out the Schoolhouse Rock and be done with it.  This video proves my point.  Hell if I wasn’t actually dancing around in my dining room while my 15 year-old laughed at me.  You will, too. (Lyrics video here)

That song is the shiz-to-the-nit!

Next up is pop star Lady Gaga (think that in Casey Kasem voice) vs. one of her dancers.

Update:  They are related, kinda.  Lady Gaga did something to help with the education.