Today’s Quickies PLUS! Senator Claire McCaskill

Ah, today’s “Today’s Quickies” includes a Quickie (photo op) with Senator Claire McCaskill.   She got a laugh ou0325091922t of how I took the picture, while making it seem like a candid shot.

One of these is in poor taste, as was that phrase I just used.

Chewbacca the Hooker?

Piss your pants with impunity.

The Pot disses US for missing Kettle conference.

Caleb joshes with his boyfriend.

Awww!  That’s kinda sad.  And also ACTUALLY sad.

Birfer minutiae theater.

Be nice to Moot and Rain!

The old “disappearing tit” trick!

You can download a baby?

The fat guy who used to be on SNL isn’t.