Redstate: Twitter Me This, Olbermann

Caleb Howe is copiously doing this over at Redstate because Keith Olbermann made a mistake.  I have to hand it to him, he’s gone on a Javert-esque quest to embarrass Keith over his gaffe, even digging up the guy whose Twitter feed recommendation landed him in hot water.

OK, sure, it is a little bit funny that Keith named Twitter the Worst Person in the World for allegedly allowing someone to operate a fraudulent Keith Olbermann Twitter feed that later turned out to be one that was set up by NBC.  Keith (or someone on his production staff, or an intern, most likely) became aware of the Twitter feed when a fan of his sent an email recommending Dan Cooper’s Twitter feed.

Worth some props is Caleb digging Cooper up to hurl his own version of a Special Comment at Keith.  Fair enough, if you make a gaffe, you take your lumps.

Worth a chuckle is the fact that that same “Worst Persons” segment was sent out by the Keith Olbermann Twitter feed in question.

But this is too much: Continue reading