The “Other Alex” Becomes a Star on Maddow Show

Careful readers of this blog will note that on April 15th, yours truly met not 1, but 2 different Alexes.  You know Alex Villanueva as Daily Dose Junior White House correspondent and contributing writer, but Alex and I both interviewed Alex Lawson that day, as he was on hand to counter-protest the Tax Day Tea Party.

Alex #2 also contributed to my Mediaite story about the 9/12 demonstration, and tonight, his Billionaires for Wealthcare were featured prominently on the Rachel Maddow Show.  Here’s the video she highlighted in the spot:

Honestly, when I first saw Alex’s group, I wasn’t sold.  I thought the conceit played into stereotypes of liberal smugness.  After seeing how Alex dealt with the crowd, and after speaking with him afterward, I came around a little.  Either way, I was very impressed with Alex’s poise and conviction.  In real life, he doesn’t have a trace of wiseass in him.

Here’s Alex’s group being manhandled by Tea Party protesters:

You can see my interview with him here:

DC Tea Party Video Exclusive: Clash with Counter-Protesters

I’m posting this later at AOL, once I’m done with the video I shot of Alex, the leader of the counter-protest.  Here’s a preview for Daily Dose readers.

The kids kept their cool,  and even stayed in character.

You can read more about my day yesterday at AOL, and I’ll have more tomorrow.

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