Poor poor capitalist suckers

Poor Capitalists.

Too bad, so sad.  They didn’t think of what a GORGEOUS opportunity it would be to take advantage of the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”  Hey, this is a capitalistic society … why are moneymakers so late to the game and so deluded about it?

Snake Oil salesmen have been around FOREVER … and I don’t really see the issue with taking advantage if no one’s health is at risk.  Climate change is no hoax … notwithstanding – what asshats for failing to make a buck!

Face it, GM, Chrysler, Ford … those guys missed out when Carter was President during the other fuel crisis.  What the hay?  They had ALL THIS TIME to use capitalism to their advantage.  Guess what?  GIANT FAIL.  Yes, I think this is why the President said ..buck the f*** up!  Get it together, you had ALL these years, and you refused to take advantage of what was right in front of your face … it really was RIGHT THERE.

The same holds true now.  But, instead, just like then … corporations (Chamber of Commerce is  GUILTY) is whining, and crying, and boo hooing…AND ignoring the fact that they could BANK ON THIS GREEN ‘BULLS***”

Are they really that stupid?

The answer is yes.  Against their better interests, they lost American innovation, allowed the Dutch to build a better levee (with the result of far too many deaths), and woe is them decided against building a better …. whatever.

Such is the cost of being an idiot.

Capitalism is the foundation of American society … the Rockefellers’ knew it … and because of greed, and misplaced outrage, it’s not changing.  And, it’s no ones fault but theirs … but the COST is ours.

Truer words than this have not been spoken for a while: “What I want to see is a stable nation wherein east respects west, north respects south, where farms are held in the same esteem as the merchants and longshoremen along our coasts who move their produce from port to port, nation to nation. I want to see innovation return to the United States in the form of revitalized industry”

Let’s do this please, and let’s not be jackasses about it.

Science Czar John Holdren, You’re on My Radar


There’s a narrative developing on the right about Barack Obama’s new Science and Technology czar, John Holdren, that posits him as a cross between Aldous Huxley, L. Ron Hubbard, and their own  nightmare vision of Al Gore.

At issue are excerpts from a 1977 book, “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment,” which was co-written by Holdren with Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich.  Excerpts from the book are being touted by Michelle Malkin, and a host of other right-wing blogs.  This is the “liftoff” phase of a new meme-let, part of the broader “WTF with all the czars?” narrative.  (For now, I won’t get into why they decided to use “Czars” as the title.  Why not “Pharoahs” or “Capos?” Both cooler.)

Moe Lane zeroes in in a passage that he says cuts at both sides of the aisle: Continue reading

Gavin Newsom to Run For Governor Without the Bro Code Vote

Americans are a forgiving people, by and large.  You can break most of the Ten Commandments, all of the Seveninauguration_gavin_newsom Deadly Sins,  even the First Rule of Fight Club.  But you don’t mess with the Bro Code.

Examples of this are evident all around us.  David Vitter mongers the DC Madam’s roster, yet retains his Senate seat.  Eliot Spitzer is on the comeback trail after he exploited a young girl who had been an abused teen runaway.  Bill Clinton is a great example of this, owing much of his forgiveness, I believe, to Kenneth Starr’s own violation of the Bro Code, to wit, “Bros don’t tell other bro’s wives about that girl they saw him with.”

On the other hand, Larry Craig probably owes his career crash-and-burn more to his clear infraction of the Code than anything else.  The Code clearly proscribes a “buffer stall or urinal” in all public restrooms, and states that if no buffer is available, then there is absolutely no communication allowed.  This was Larry Craig’s unpardonable sin.

Rudy Giuliani committed a Bro Code felony that cost him the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination.  No, it wasn’t the phone call from his wife onstage, those were fake, although still worth a whip-crack.  No, I’m referring to his lame excuse for cheering on the Red Sox in the 2007 World Series.  There’s a special section of by-laws in the Bro Code that goes over specific sports rivalries that supercede all other considerations.  When you’re an Anaheim Angels fan, you get to root for whomever you want in the Series (Angels fans barely even qualify as Bros.).  Not so fans of real teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs.  Saying you’re rooting for the Red Sox because you’re “an American League fan” falls into the “Dude, even a chick wouldn’t say that” category, from which Rudy never recovered.

Even John Edwards could have come back from his scanda had he not run afoul of the Code.  The Bro Code frowns on, but allows for non-judgement of, cheating on your wife, provided your bros don’t like her better than you.  He also broke the less serious “So not worth it, dude,” statute.

This is why Gavin Newsom has no chance to win the California Governorship, for which he has announced he is running today. (Following the “no prepositions at the end of a sentence” rule is, itself, a minor Bro Code infraction.  Sorry, Bros.)  Newsom committed a “Duuuuuude!”-level violation when he started sleeping with his campaign manager’s wife.  Not only will he not be governor, he will also not be watched football with, played poker with, nor allowed to drink beer.  If you see Newsom with a beer bottle, that’s because he snuck into the bathroom and poured his Zima into it.

It’s a shame. really, because the Bro Code, while high on inviolability, allows for all kinds of reprehensible behavior.  If you can’t manage to keep from shaming yourself in the eyes of people who don’t even require you to take a “full shower” every day (you’re permitted to substitute for up to 2 days with deodorant and Scope), you definitely don’t deserve to be governor.