Matt Drudge’s Filthy Gay-Baiting Janet Napolitano Headline and Photo

This pretty much says it all. Not only is this sickeningly homophobic, but the story Drudge links to fails to note that the 300 full-body scanners ($51 million worth) were already funded prior to the Christmas bombing attempt. Is it a good idea? Debatable, but not because Janet Napolitano is gay, and therefore addicted to peeping at your goodies.

San Diego Sheriffs in Gay Panic Attack at Democratic Fundraiser


The San Diego Sheriff’s Department brought the heat when a neighbor claimed that gay congressional candidate Francine Busby was bringin’ the noise.  According to the candidate, the neighbor was hurling anti-gay epithets over the fence during her speech, which occurred at 8pm, an hour and a half before the noise complaint.

Some highlights:

Francine Busby says she will demand an explanation from the Sheriff’s Department about deputies breaking up a fundraising party held for her in Cardiff and arresting the host.

The party was Friday night (at) the home of Shari Barman, a Busby supporter.

It ended with Barman, 60, being arrested and jailed on suspicion of battery on a peace officer, and resisting, delaying and obstructing a peace officer.

Pam Morgan, …one of the guests, also was arrested…

…Other partygoers were doused with pepper spray, and seven deputies, a sergeant and a helicopter were dispatched to the neighborhood of expensive homes.

A helicopter?  Some homophobic crank calls in a noise complaint, and these guys turn it into Apocalypse Now? Continue reading