Billie’s Quickies…Sweet, sweet pecksniffery

bllieddoseHey, anti health care/insurance reform protesters are you organizing online?  Well, if so, conservative bastion of democracy Bill O’Reilly has a few words for you and your wacky 1st Amendment buddies:

The Internet’s driving this kind of stuff. … There was always this crew, this anarchist crew, these people can’t fit into society, they’re angry for whatever reason, they want to cause trouble. They’ve always been there. But now they’re coordinated by the internet, now they can talk to each other. It’s like child molesters, you know? I mean, child molesters have always been around but now they got a place to go and gather and do their evil deeds.

Oh dear.  Sweet, Sweet pecksniffery.


Keith Olbermann’s Heroic Healthcare Special Comment

Countdown’s Keith Olbermann returned in style last night, “firing” Richard Wolffe, breaking his Billo truce, and delivering a fiery Special Comment.  Watch the video first, if you haven’t seen it yet, and then I’ll tell you what I thought.

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John Stossel’s Stupid/Idiotic/Dumbass/Moronic Health Care Report

See?  I can string together even MORE adjectives!

In this clip, catchily entitled “ABC’s John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama’s anti-American ‘Health Care’ Plan,” Stossel actually doesn’t talk at all about the health care reform that’s currently being gutted by ball-deficient Blue Dogs.  Instead, he opts to throw together the same bunch of anecdotal propaganda about Canada’s healthcare system that you’ve all seen debunked a hundred times.

The piece hits the idiotic ground running with a healthcare “expert” who wisely points out that the only way to control healthcare costs is to reduce the amount of money spent on health care.  Genius.  It goes downhill from there.

Without even fact-checking the bullshit claims here, their central premise is bogus.  Stossel & company are saying that there just aren’t enough doctors to treat everyone.  So, 47 million uninsured, I guess you can all drop dead no matter what kind of system we adopt.  Unless we continue to lavish insurance companies with record profits, we’re all gonna die.

Plus, the idea that a public healthcare plan will kill innovation doesn’t make any sense.  You know what other technology America rules at?  Weapons.  Yeah, must be that free-market Army we have.

I imagine that, like most opponents of health care reform, Stossel probably has great insurance, making it easier to narrate talking points as if he were speaking to 3 year-olds.  I wonder how he would feel if he couldn’t afford to go see a doctor after something like this.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Gently Pwns GOP Rep Mike Pence

The Republicans are in deep trouble if this is the best they can do.  Chris Wallace completely destroys Mike Pence with the airiest of follow-up questions on the stimulus and the cash for clunkers program.  Pence thinks he sees a light at the end of the tunnel with some “America’s starting to trust us” happy talk, but Wallace drops some devastating poll numbers on him.

The President’s approval rating is slipping from its previous highs, as many right wing blogs have noted.  However, it also appears that, despite Mike Pence’s delusions, the country isn’t ready, after 7 months, to toss the keys back to the guys who drove us into a ditch for 8 years.

Bonus fun: Pence on Healthcare

Public Option the True Test of President Obama’s Game


This has seemed like a bad week for healthcare reform.  Congressional Blue Dogs are doing their damnedest to kill the public option, and the White House seeming to backtrack on their support of it.  While expressing strong support for it, Gibbs has consistently refused to draw a line in the sand on the public option, and this week, inched back a little.

If this were any other politician, I’d be throwing my hands up in disgust, because this is how these backslides start.  The obvious interpretation is that the White House is innoculating itself from the public option’s defeat.

In Barack Obama’s case, though, this isn’t so obvious.  I’ve spoken before about his unique political MO, likening it to the “rope-a-dope.”  In this case, I hope, he’s being more of a chess player.  Since I’m more of a Gnip-Gnop player, I haven’t got it all figured out yet.

It is important to note that my confidence in the President, to this point, is based on past performance, not magical thinking.  He’s a progressive in triangulator’s clothing.  I’ve been sure he was blowing it before, only to be proven wrong.

This time may be different, however.  He was right to determine that momentum was key to passing strong reform.  Already, this week, one poll is being used deceptively to claim support for a public option is slipping.  The spineless sellout Blue Dogs think they’re in the driver’s seat.  Opponents of the public option continue to pound the public with lies.  Now, it seems like the White House is sounding the retreat.

If Barack Obama is the chess player I think he is, he’s got a plan to rescue the public option from the Blue Dogs.  If I’m right, it will involve Rahm Emanuel and some blunt conversations about mid-term elections.

I don’t think that Barack Obama is a bad enough politician to take the disastrous hit of no public option when he’s got airtight majorities in both houses of Congress.  On the other hand, he likes for it to look like the other guy’s idea.

Either way, I hope the President knows that defying his base, and 76% of Americans, is not an option.  Time to use that powder.

Best Blue Dogs Headline Evah!



That’s HuffPo, making the distinction that should’ve been made long ago.

Senate Finance Committee 202-224-4515 Ask Them

Without a public option, the insurance companies get tens of millions of new customers.  What do the American people get?

Post their responses in the comments here.

While you’re at it, ask them about this:

“We’re going to get agreement here,” Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the Finance Committee chairman, said Monday. “The group of six really wants to get to ‘yes.'”

The group of six.  What makes them more important than millions of Americans?  Right now, it’s their positions as hostage-takers of the public option.  What will it be come re-election time?