Billie’s Quickies…Early week news predictions

bllieddoseThis week should be fascinating, what with the new Veteran death panel talk, @mccainblogette on The View, Chuck Todd gettin’ cold yelled at about Blackwater, the reality show dude who killed his ex allegedly committing suicide, and the continuing debate about what constitutes a “right” in America.

Well, here are my predictions as to what will make the news, along with some just plain interesting, cool, or weird linkage.

Best health care in the world, eh?

Fred Thompson Says President Obama is ‘Hostile to the Jewish State,’ Urges Confrontation


Why couldn’t this guy have stuck to “Die Hard” movies?

Former Senator and GOP Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson sent a tweet this morning that would have looked more at home on HuffPo’s list of offensive Tea Party signs:

The urgency of confronting a President hostile to the Jewish state #tcot #ftrs

Leaving aside the fact that the President’s biggest crime seems to be saying that Israel’s government needs to “engage in serious self-reflection” (a cherry-picked quote from a report about the President’s meeting with American Jewish leaders), it is Thompson’s hyper-inflammatory language to which I object.

Exactly what does Thompson see as the objective of the President’s made-up “hostility?”  More importantly, what sort of urgent “confrontation” is he calling for?  I’ll let you know.

Today’s Quickies and…Rant Mode averted!

alex01thumbJust doing a quickies post today, since I have to be out the door in fifteen minutes and I’m trying to pre-empt my own Rant Mode. How sad is that?

Obama wants new, tougher fuel efficiency standards. Hey, I’m all for it! After all, we own the car companies now, so we should be able to see that they’re at least doing something with all that money, right? The new standard, an average of 35.5 mpg for cars/light trucks, used to be the standard for 2020, but the Obama administration has bumped it down four years, to 2016.

Obama wants a two-state solution, Netanyahu is iffy. At least they agree on quite a bit, and if the extremists on both sides realize that fighting is getting them nowhere, things could look up. Peace In Our Time? Hopefully.

I really, really hate arguing religion. (No, seriously.) It’s an emotional subject rather than a rational one, which means that discussions thereof usually don’t end up so well. Especially not in this current climate of borderline hostility between Islam and the Judeo-Christian religions. But I can’t help what the news cycle hands me. That in mind…seriously, guys? Seriously? You didn’t think these would come out and look like promotion of a holy war or a crusade of some kind? Seriously? Ahh…I love it when people don’t think. No, wait, actually I hate it.

In other, lighter news, a peek inside the only legal marijuana farm in the United States. The question is, how many White Castles are nearby?

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Israel’s Actions as ‘Unhelpful’

Hillary has a lot of foreign policy capital to spend after the primaries, when everyone in the world was talking about how awesome she was.  It will be interesting to see if the hard-liners stay calm about this.

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Israel’s Actions as ‘Unhelpful’