Billie’s Quickies … If a particular one of these quickies catches on, we’re all gonna catch the stupid

I have this odd obsession with pinhole cameras, tho I’ve yet to build one.

  • Someone who will do the work of finding the best breadmaker …. priceless.
  • The freedom to criticizeis another great part of being an American.  The will not to sometimes is an art.
  • Well, if this catches on, we’re all gonna catch the stupid: “ A software program developed by SirsiDynix, an Alabama-based library-technology company, informs librarians of which books are circulating and which ones aren’t. If titles remain untouched for two years, they may be discarded–permanently.
  • An awesome list of foods chefs hate. I can agree with this sentiment: “Another thing that I just can not warm up to is sweet pickles. To me it seems like a contradiction. When I bite into a crunchy pickle, I expect it to be sour.”
  • The truth about baby carrots … you’re gonna be shocked!  Shocked I say!
  • Truth spoken by Tommy: “Journalism isn’t about what we know, it is about what we can verify. Attribution isn’t just some rubber stamp that we seek, mindlessly, in order to get something published. It allows readers to judge the credibility of the information offered.”
  • Classic: “I am a former Republican. And I wasn’t merely the libertarian, live-and-let-live, fun-at-parties kind of conservative whose primary concern is balancing the budget; I was a spiteful, narrow-minded, fire-breathing paranoid lunatic who questioned the patriotism and morality of my liberal fellow citizens. Recognizing the error of my ways has done wonders for my mental health but left me with constant, unremitting remorse; I really want to go back in time and kick my own ass.”
  • Agreed: “President Obama’s promise to close Guantánamo was an important commitment that must be honored, and quickly. But it will be nothing more than a symbolic gesture if we continue its shameful policies elsewhere. We can’t go back in time and stop the tragedy of Guantánamo from happening. We can, however, stop it from happening again.”
  • Lovely and sad story: “The clock with no hands: Because normal time seems suspended in a health emergency.  The nurse at a computer with the dark screen: Because records aren’t shared with patients.  The doctor with her hands tied: Because one part of the health care system doesn’t communicate with others.  Regina Holliday is looking for new walls to paint, but not now. The cold makes the paint too brittle. In the springtime, she’ll take out her colors again.  Maybe by then, there will be health care change signed into law. But there will still be stories to tell. “
  • Well, here’s a thought I can certainly agree with: “After the heavily publicized spinach recall in 2006 because of E. Coli, food safety experts have a special place in their hearts for leafy greens.  Slashfood thinks: Just wash your salad!  And, there’s more.