Today’s Quickies and…Rant Mode averted!

alex01thumbJust doing a quickies post today, since I have to be out the door in fifteen minutes and I’m trying to pre-empt my own Rant Mode. How sad is that?

Obama wants new, tougher fuel efficiency standards. Hey, I’m all for it! After all, we own the car companies now, so we should be able to see that they’re at least doing something with all that money, right? The new standard, an average of 35.5 mpg for cars/light trucks, used to be the standard for 2020, but the Obama administration has bumped it down four years, to 2016.

Obama wants a two-state solution, Netanyahu is iffy. At least they agree on quite a bit, and if the extremists on both sides realize that fighting is getting them nowhere, things could look up. Peace In Our Time? Hopefully.

I really, really hate arguing religion. (No, seriously.) It’s an emotional subject rather than a rational one, which means that discussions thereof usually don’t end up so well. Especially not in this current climate of borderline hostility between Islam and the Judeo-Christian religions. But I can’t help what the news cycle hands me. That in mind…seriously, guys? Seriously? You didn’t think these would come out and look like promotion of a holy war or a crusade of some kind? Seriously? Ahh…I love it when people don’t think. No, wait, actually I hate it.

In other, lighter news, a peek inside the only legal marijuana farm in the United States. The question is, how many White Castles are nearby?

Today’s Quickies and… Dinner

Okay, I’m done posting videos and AOL stuff for the day, and I’m all yours now.

I meant to take a picture of today’s dinner, but I forgot.  I made grilled salmon (with my secret rub) for Diana and Chris, and a ribeye on the bone for me, grilleed corn on the cob, and saloio rolls with a balsamic reduction compound butter.  Unbelievable.

My debunkage of the Ashley Biden tape continues to sizzle, and my AOL story got linked by the LA Times.  I find it disgraceful that this story has spread with so little skepticism or presumption of innocence.  Crap journalism at its crappest.

Anyhoo, here are today’s quickies, with an assist from Moonshines With Deer:

Old, but funny, Shep Smith mocks Glenn Beck.

What does it say about David Knowles that he makes his stand here?

Next time, he ought to have a “Rose Ceremony.”

Me vs. the TelePrompTer.

“…and who wrote this neat-o black book with the gold trim? I see these in, like, every hotel room!”

Well, I think this calls for a to…never mind.

I think Cube knows this guy, or something.

Jake Tapper is a little bit bored on the plane.

From Caleb’s Twitter feed: The truth is out there, and perhaps Irish

From Caleb:

Killing rabbits to save birds, because we already hunted all the cats … or .. wait, what?

What’s the matter with Minnesota? Fat dads doing Hannah Montana, that’s what:

Ghost in the machine (if by machine you mean old ass castle):

This white line separates your half of the country from mine. I get the kitchen:





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Stephen Baldwin Knows How to Market Himself

At AOL, I just did a post called Ron Paul vs Stephen Baldwin on Marijuana Laws? Are You High?

While I questioned the fairness of the matchup, I think Baldwin is a genius for doing spots like this.  That clip has “viral video” written all over it, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

I have to admit, while I like Baldwin’s persona, and he seems like a very genuine guy, I’m starting to wish he would stop hurting America.  The “reformed sinner” narrative is a powerful one, and I’m sure he does a lot that’s good with it, leading people to Christ and all, but running around telling cancer patients to suck it up, and supporting the lifelong imprisonment of potheads is harmful to actual people.  Let people be free to feel better, just as you are free to lead them to Christ, I say.

This is something that the Christian right doesn’t get: you can’t lead people to Jesus at the barrel of a gun.  Barack Obama is a Christian, and annoyingly opposes gay marriage, but he also supports a woman’s right to choose.  He focuses, instead, on making his personal choice easier for women to make by supporting access to contraception, responsible sex education, and support for working mothers.

And on gay marriage, he doesn’t favor a federal ban, he believes in equality for gay people (albeit the separate equality of civil unions), and lets his personal beliefs remain largely between himself, his God, and his fellow believers.  That’s the American way.