Postlet #6: Fact-Checking Huckabee and Politifact

Dumbass Mike Huckabee, a guy I used to like, defended his idiotic reading of some of the President’s remarks, and their relationship to just-buried Ted Kennedy.

When diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age 77, Senator Kennedy didn’t do as President Obama suggested and take a pain pill and ride it home.

Politifact, the RC Cola of fact-checking, tries to set the record straight about the pain pill remarks:

Looking at the full transcript, it’s clear that Obama voluntarily brought up the example of having to choose between a surgery and a pill. But he did so as a hypothetical example of difficult decisions about medical treatment for older patients. He was not advocating, much less requiring, bureaucrats to make a potentially life-ending decision for a centenarian.

“I don’t want bureaucracies making those decisions,” Obama said.

Sure, that’s one way to read the President’s remarks.  But I read it more as a weighing of the medical risk of a surgery on someone of that age, versus a possibly limited reward in extension of life.  Risk dying in surgery to get another 2 years, versus a risk-free year on that pill, you know, a medical decision.  Either way, the President was pretty clear.

“I don’t want bureaucracies making those decisions.”

Sit down and shut up, Huckabee.