Today’s Quickies and…Could I BE More Right?

Exhibit H5starZippr7: Politico is finally catching on to the GOP’s Palin problem.

Need to waste some time?  Top 100 interweb videos.  Evah!

Another Dem on a wiretap. I love her hinky existential declaration.

I’ll have a vodka martini, bacon, not stirred.

We’re really in trouble if Texas gits aholt a’ one of them Gatling guns!

Oh, shit, so this is where all the PUMAs went.

Very happy 420 day to you.

Today’s Quickies – New and Improved

I’m going to try something different with “Quickies” today.  I’m going to do them in the morning.  Some of these may get fleshed out over at AOL.  It’ll give you a feel for the process.  Maybe I’ll add more as the day progresses, so check back.

Chris Matthews gets all creepy about Palin again.  Ed doesn’t like it.

Fight Obama derangement syndrome.  Ask your doctor if quitting PUMA is right for you.

No more “War on Terror!”  Let the “Skirmish Against Anxiety” begin!

Conservatives are like those sci-fi robots who take everything way too literally.  (Robot voice) “It is illogical.  Neither pots nor kettles posess vocal faculties. ”

This always makes me think “Good morning, Mr. Phelps…”

Be real careful when you write this headline.

Great.  Now we know who to swat with a blue newspaper.

There are pricks, and then there are pricks!

Tim Kaine funds “talk me down from having an abortion” centers, and NARAL is pissed.

New York thinks you suck, too, Rush.

The Tommy Christopher 2-Pack

Perfect for the PUMA in your life, or even a visiting head of state, check out my appearances in not 1, but 2 anti-Obama documentaries.

I’m only in Media Malpractice in a screenshot, but I’m the star of Audacity (3rd billing.)  Still, you’re not a complete collector until you have ’em both!

24 Turning Into a Birfer/PUMA Parable

Not to put too fine a point on it, here’s the current situation on Fox television’s “24”: A squad of black guys from a fictional African nation has taken over the White House, and captured the female President. Continue reading

Vatican Study: Satan is Sexist

Vatican Study: Satan is Sexist

As if the Prince of Darkness didn’t already have a big enough PR problem. Continue reading

The Cult of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

The Cult of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

The story of a group calling themselves the “We the People Foundation,” who are questioning the authenticity of Barack Obama’s natural-bornedness, has gotten a lot of attention this week due to their purchase of a full-page ad demanding access to the original birth certificate. On a related note, I am taking out a full-page ad demanding access to Jessica Alba’s sock drawer.

As it happens, my Unusable Signal co-host, Christina Cedeno, is also the proprietor of, a website that has been following this story since the dawn of time. If you have the inclination, you can click here to see the extremely thorough research they’ve done on this issue.

Because of her familiarity with this issue, I asked Christina to weigh in, and she graciously agreed. Here is her take on the issue, followed by my own brief commentary.

An Open Letter to We The People Foundation…and the Cult of the Certificate of Live Birth


Continue reading