President Obama Zings Fox News on CNBC, Fox News Alleges ‘Man Crush’

In an interview on CNBC yesterday, the President made an Earth-shattering observation about Fox News’ coverage of him:

Think Progress ably points out the inherent contradiction in John Harwood’s question, versus his assertion that CNBC has been slapping Obama around for awhile.

As soon as I saw this, I knew there would be some kind of whiny outcry, kind of like the one by CNBC’s own Rick Santelli not long ago, and I didn’t have to go too far to find it:
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Santelli Whines That White House Threatened Him

Santelli Whines That White House Threatened Him

Rick Santelli’s violin just gets smaller and smaller.  After speaking out against lazy, extra-bathroom-having homeowners, he cried a small river about White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ lack of respect, and now he pimps his Wahhmbulance with this bit of ridiculousness:(From Think Progress)

SANTELLI: He started that press conference saying, “I don’t know where he lives, I don’t know where his house is.” This is the Press Secretary of the White House. Is that the kind of thing we want? Is that —

LIDDY: It’s a veiled threat.

SANTELLI: It really is. […] I don’t really want to be a spokesman, but I really am very proud of a) the response I’m getting, which is overwhelmingly positive, and b) discourse, that is debate. That if the pressure and the heat I’m taking from the White House – the fact my kids are nervous to go to school – I can take that, okay.

I was at that press briefing, and I have to say that just out of camera range, Gibbs was making the “gun finger” gesture.  (That was a joke, he was actually prepping sushi.)

I hope Santelli continues to try to “salvage” this situation, for he just makes wider the gulf between himself and people who give a frak what he has to say.

Drudge: Chicago Traders Revolting

Fucking douchebag of the day:

Drudge: Chicago Traders Revolting

I agree, they’re very revolting.

Drudge is running a siren headline that reads “TRADERS REVOLT: CNBC HOST CALLS FOR NEW ‘TEA PARTY’; CHICAGO FLOOR MOCKS OBAMA PLAN,” featuring a rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli, egged on by irate traders on the Chicago trading floor. He calls for a “Chicago Tea Party,” to the enthusiastic whistling of the douchebag next to him. Here’s the video:

Now, you tell me: Do you really want to listen to a lecture about paying your mortgage from these guys? With trillions of your money set to bail out the financial industry, do you want to hear them talking about all of your extra bathrooms?

Sure, some people acted irresponsibly, although on a microscopic scale compared to Wall Street, but many people facing foreclosure got there with help from these panicky a-holes. See, we’re all in this together when it comes to saving their sorry asses, but then it’s all about personal responsibility when it comes to a family who can’t pay their bills.

I think Santelli’s on the right track with his “tea party” idea, but maybe it’s his cowboy trader buddies who ought to hoarde the life preservers.

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