Greta, the 90’s Are on the Phone, They Want Their Catchphrase Back

This argument between Greta Van Susteren and Greg Jarrett is getting a lot of play, even prompting an apology from Greta.  The tiff itself is rather pedestrian, although Jarrett’s slow-burn reactions are amusing.  Never mind Van Susteren’s weird relationship with the Palins, what really stood out for me was Greta’s OJ-era patois: (h/t Hot Air)

Kudos to Jarrett for not instructing Greta to contact “the hand’s” publicist for a statement, or informing her that Homey refuses to participate in shenanigans.  Hey, it’s all good.

Sarah Palin’s Resignation and the Moderate Reaper Theory


I touched on this yesterday, but I wanted to take a deeper look into the idea that Sarah Palin’s shocking resignation might be connected with the recent scandals involving Senator John Ensign and Governor Mark Sanford.

The common thread, besides the timing, is that all three examples involve very conservative Republican Presidential hopefuls, all voluntarily self-destructing.  Ensign and Sanford each, in turn, announced an affair at a press conference.  Palin committed political sepukku for no discernable reason.

The Moderate Reaper Theory holds that, in each case, some behind-the-scenes player issued a “You do it, or I do it” ultimatum as a way of clearing the 2012 field for more moderate candidates, and a more moderate Republican Party.

In Palin’s case, it needn’t be something salacious.  Perhaps Wednesday’s email leak was a warning shot, a signal that all bets were off with regard to internal emails.  We’ve all written scores of private emails that would sound really bad in public.

What really cracks me up are the people who are still cluelessly wondering what this resignation might do to her chances in 2012.  Yeah, and what are all those flames going to do for the Hindenburgh’s chances?

The identity of the Moderate Reaper is another matter.  Where Palin is concerned, much of the pressure has come from former McCain staffers.  John McCain, however, doesn’t stand to gain much directly from Palin’s exit.  Voters were becoming concerned about McCain’s age during the 2008 campaign.  By 2012, this would only get worse.  He would, however, be an excellent pick for VP, especially for a younger candidate like Bobby Jindal.

Former McCain staffers, you should note, are also future somebody else staffers.

So, who’s left?  The list of moderate Republican Presidential hopefuls is a short one.  Mitt Romney springs immediately to mind, and he and Palin did mix it up not long ago.  The amount of time and money Romney spent on a lost cause in ’08 indicate that he really, really wants the Presidency, and has a hard time feeling the fork.

Not only that, ever since I came up with this theory, I keep hearing “Who Let the Dogs Out?” on the radio.  Coincidence? You tell me.

Of course, the complete implosion of 3 conservative GOP Presidential hopefuls within 2 weeks of each other could also be a coincidence.  Or, it could be the work of moderates who want to drag their party, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

Troopergate Dem Filed Intent to Run 2 Days Before Sarah Palin’s Resignation


Even though it undercuts my Moderate Reaper Theory, and I’m not convinced of a causal link, one of my tweeps pointed out something too intriguing to ignore.

It seems that Alaska State Senator Hollis French, the driving force behind the “Troopergate” investigation, sensed something in the air before the Palin resignation storm hit: (From ADN)

Democratic state Sen. Hollis French filed an intent to run for governor Wednesday. But French said it’s just a technicality and doesn’t mean he will run for sure next year. “It’s just simply a preliminary step towards making a final decision but also keeping the dialogue going … continuing the conversation I’ve been having with a lot of people about what sort of governor they want to have in the next election,” he said.

As I said before, it is intriguing, especially in light of the way French soft-pedals the news.  It could be a coincidence, or it could be that French got wind of the resignation, which Palin says had been brewing for some time.

It’s also remotely possible that French pulled a string on Sarah Palin’s exit.  One thing we’ve all learned from Sarah Palin’s time on the stage is that Alaska state politics is a nasty game.  Perhaps, in the course of digging into the Troopergate scandal, French shook something loose, and tucked it away for future use.

We’ll have to see what happens next, but I don’t like the French Theory nearly as much as the Moderate Reaper.  It’s just not as sexy.

On a side note, am I the only one who thinks of Run DMC when I hear the name Hollis French?

Writer of the Deleted Huffington Post Story Apologizes

Update 2: Statement from the writer of the story, Erik Nelson:

Within 10 minutes of the post, I received 2 emails from special needs families, saw that it was hurtful and I pulled the post immediately. I apologize for offending you.

Since you wanted to know what I was going for, it was that Palin said that she was leaving the governorship because of jokes. What kind of President would she make if she couldn’t handle some bad jokes? I used her words to create a farcical situation where offensive jokes were meant to be ironic. I saw immediately that it was wrong and apologized on the site.

OK, it is at this point you have to decide for yourselves if you’re satisfied.  All the guy can do is apologize, go, and sin no more.  As a working writer in the touchy field of politics, I’m sure I’ve used poor judgment in the past, and the important thing is to grow from the experience.

I shared with Erik my thoughts on his story, somewhat productively, and I urge you to do the same, productively.  I’ll make sure he reads your comments here.  Personally, I hope Erik becomes a more successful, more sensitive writer from here.  I hope the same for myself.

Update: Official statement from HuffPo after the jump, at the end of the post.

There was a story posted earlier tonight at Huffington Post regarding the resignation of Sarah Palin, an offensive attack on children and people with disabilities. As soon as I was told about it, and the urge to vomit/punch something passed, I tweeted about it, copying a HuffPo editor:(Warning: Profanity below the fold) Continue reading

Video: Sarah Palin Resignation Shocker: Part of a Conservative Purge?


Update 11: After the jump, my take on the revolting 23/6 article that has now been pulled.  Let me also add that the last sentence of the post, “Politicians don’t usually quit for so stupid of reasons,” immediately made me question whether an editor had even seen that post before it went up.  Based on its quick deletion, I’d guess not.

I do know that many liberals, myself included, complained immediately and loudly, and it was taken down immediately.  Will that stop people from smearing us?  We’ll see.

Update 10: Palin consulted with Ayers prior to resignation!

Update 9: Hot Air has Palin’s brother playing the martyr card.  Resonant, maybe, but no way she resigns over nuisance complaints.  No way in hell.

Update 8: Alaska’s Blue Oasis blog, hounder of Palin, thinks she resigned ahead of low poll numbers.  After reading the 2nd entry, I’m starting to think she resigned because Blue Oasis is such a pain in the balls. (JK, MODERATE REAPER!!)

Update 7: Rachel Sklar is jumping up & down on the couch.

Update 6: Rich Lowry is sitting limply on his couch.

Update 5: Oh, damn, now they’re blaming Letterman.  Maybe Palin is that stupid.  I still don’t think so, but it’s 505px-Sarah_Palin_Kuwait_22aremotely

possible that they see this as the time to cash in on whatever goodwill was left after the Letterman thing. I thought it was that goodwill that caused the attack on Palin in the first place.

Update 4: Below the Beltway has an Andrea Mitchell report that belies the Governor’s spin.

Update 3:  While John McCain is certainly a moderate, and his people were in position to leak yesterday’s emails, many of those same staffers could fit easily into another, extremely well-funded moderate’s 2012 campaign.  Who else stands to benefit, and who’s next?  Pawlenty is the only other true moderate on the list, but I doubt he’s the Moderate Reaper.  Palin was the biggest fish, but as one tweep noted, Huckabee might want to keep an eye out.

Update 2: Video of the announcement: (transcript here)

Seriously, if she’s not being forced to do this, then this is the worst political move in history.

Update: From Palin’s Twitter feed:

We’ll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election… this is in Alaska’s best interest, my family’s happy… it is good, stay tuned

Original Post: In light of yesterday’s Palin story, today’s announcement really blew me away. Sarah Palin is resigning as Governor of Alaska:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced Friday that she was resigning her office later this month, a stunning decision that could free her to run for president more easily but also raises questions about her political standing at home.

Palin disclosed the surprise news Friday afternoon from her home in Wasilla with her husband, Todd, and Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, who the governor said would take over the state on Saturday, July 25th.

By not running for re-election, Palin liberates herself from the political constraints that come with running for president while still in elected office.

What? Running for President? Are you on crack? She can’t run for PEZident now.
Continue reading