Quickies and…Mmmm…Squeeze Bacon

Caleb sent me this.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  Bacon is awesome.  Things that are supposed to be bacon, or bacon-y?  Not so much.  Update:  It is actual bacon.  I’m on board.

Birfers birth a new, weirder conspiracy:  Obama made up the controversy to distract everyone from…all the shit they wrote about anyway.  This is progress.

Allahpundit has a sickening Limbaugh story, and O’Reilly defending Rush on Letterman.  He also gets fished in by the iPod joke.

Tonight’s homework:  The GOP budget alternative.

From OhHellNawl: A prom dress for optimistic girls.

Weird.  I just called the RNC today about the clothes, and now, Todd is talking about them. He’s right, of course, the RNC went way overboard.  You don’t need even a dollar-fifty to make Palin look good.

Isn’t dissing Crocs so 5 minutes ago?

Yeah, EFF married people!

If you like TV, read this guy every day.

Redstate gets compared to a militia by Crooks and Liars.  My takeaway?  Those bastards quote Erickson more than they quote me!

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