Billie’s Quickies … Politics, food, sex, gadgets

Go ahead!  Judge that book by its cover.

  • Gosh I love a good mystery … and, this one involves a fast food sculpture.
  • Farm raised fish that are pretty okay!  Good.
  • Wow: “Starting on July 9, 2009, Emily Zinnemann relinquished control of her life to the whims of 52  strangers, friends, & acquaintances. Each participant receives a budget & a full week to enjoy as s/he pleases, choreographing Emily’s daily routine from breakfast to bedtime.  The experiment’s progress is fully mapped on this website.”
  • I want a waterless washing machine, and I want it NOW!
  • This doesn’t particularly surprise me.  I’m convinced that the people who are the most afraid of germs, also get sick all the time.
  • This looks surprisingly yummy …. and CHEAP!
  • This “Obama Weather” thingie is pretty hilarious
  • Coconuts banned on the beaches of Rio?! What the hay?
  • Awesome glass sculpture of an octopus.
  • Believe it or not, there are nine other currencies that are doing worse than the dollar.
  • Technology isolating us from one another?  Hooey!
  • Tough economic times, but women leading in pursuit of higher education.
  • I’m going to have to defend Guy Fieri too … I love “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!”  “I want to go to a party at Food TV superstar Guy Fieri’s house. I imagine pyramids of glistening pork ribs and snow shovels full of hush puppies. I dream of patiently standing in line by the pool waiting for margaritas to be blasted into my open mouth by a fire hose while AC/DC blares over the loudspeaker.”
  • Tip for great gravy … a keeper I’d say.
  • I really really really really really want this bed!
  • Isn’t bigotry all too often made to be about the children?’
  • Metabolism boosters that I will assume that with slight changes can be adjusted for women, too.
  • “I just cannot get excited about sexual misbehavior that is never going to be investigated by a legislative committee. “
  • Terrible: “Allegations of sexual exploitation and other crimes have dogged U.N. peacekeeping missions almost since their inception in 1948″
  • “A majority, held in restraint by constitutional checks and limitations, and always changing easily, with deliberate changes of popular opinions and sentiments, is the only true sovereign of a free people.” –Abraham Lincoln
  • Viagra dessert? Mmkay.
  • And, a water sommelier?? Sheez!

Billie’s Quickies…Early week news predictions

bllieddoseThis week should be fascinating, what with the new Veteran death panel talk, @mccainblogette on The View, Chuck Todd gettin’ cold yelled at about Blackwater, the reality show dude who killed his ex allegedly committing suicide, and the continuing debate about what constitutes a “right” in America.

Well, here are my predictions as to what will make the news, along with some just plain interesting, cool, or weird linkage.

Best health care in the world, eh?