This blog is a daily dose of politics, and anything else that can be viewed from the left, through a caffeine-deprivation migraine, on 3 hours sleep, while freezing and praying for the sweet release of death, but knowing it will not come.

Number of holds barred: 0.

Things that go:

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  1. Didn’t I hear something like that remark from the Inauguration?

  2. This does not come across as very hopeful! :>)

  3. This is in reference to the Sarah Palin Wardrobe comment…what you said the point was in having to spend that much to “make her look good”. What is the tab for Michelle Obama’s wardrobe or Jackie Kennedy, or Nancy Regan. Personally, I want all our candidates and people representing our country to “look good” to us and to the rest of the world. No one questions what any business spends in marketing or packaging their product. For some reason Sarah Palin was targeted and received unfair scrutiny….perhaps a lesson to any uppity woman seeking office. Either party has the right to send their candidates out looking their best. If she wore jeans and a T shirt I supposed that would be criticised also. You are way off base here.

  4. Marianne,

    that remark was tongue in cheek. They did go overboard, and Sarah looks great in jeans and a T-shirt. Both are true.

  5. […] history with Markos, people occasionally send me things about him. This time it was liberal blogger Tommy Christopher who broke a story this afternoon about Markos re-tweeting and then intellectually defending a job […]

  6. lol “sweet relief of death”

  7. Liberal Writer Fired By AOL News For Reporting Vile Playboy List

  8. Did AOL fire Tommy Christopher for criticizing Playboy?

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