Cash For Drunkards? Psh.

Hi! This is Tommy Christopher. I’m totally not Caleb Howe. If I were, my site would be THIIIS awesome, which it isn’t.

So Caleb, who I definitely am not, and who is much better at Twitter than I, Tommy Christopher, is trying to do a fundraising gimmick where he takes a shot whenever people contribute three dollars here.

Well that sounds like a dumb hick idea to me, because of his being such a hicky dumb southerner who hates love. So I’m not going to play his stupid twitter game: #cashfordrunkards (yeah real clever name there har dee har).

So go ahead. Give that redneck three bucks. See if I, Tommy Christopher (not Caleb Howe), care.

Your liberal “friend”,

The totally real and not fake Tommy Christopher


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  1. For those of you still not on Twitter….Bob aka streetwise_IT just posted this: Caleb Howe imbibing video Love it!

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