Miracle at Wawa and World’s Craziest Music Video


This guy drove all the way to the gas station with that mug on his trunk.  Furthermore, he told me he once drove to work with his wallet on the roof, and it was still there when he arrived.  I think he’s some kind of superhero, a lesser version of Magneto, perhaps.

Then, there’s this, the most effed up music video I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, watch it all the way through and see if there’s a random thing that doesn’t happen in this clip.  If you’re not stoned, you’ll think you are.

Seriously, I lost it when the random leather gang showed up, but the whole thing is just freaky.  That’s saying a lot, by 80’s standards.

Update: This post caused everyone I know to urge mto watch the hilarious “Literal Video” version, which I now have, so you can all stop DMing me about it.

Cripes, Not Another Book Challenge

alex01thumbI only had to read the lede to know that this story was going to make me angry:

A fight over books depicting sex and homosexuality has riled up a small Wisconsin city, cost some library board members their positions and prompted a call for a public book burning.

Are these people for real? “We don’t like this book, so we’re going to have it banned/burned”? I am actually speechless. Then again, I usually am when my favorite medium is so disrespected. A sane person would argue, “If you don’t like what these books say, you don’t have to read them. Nobody is holding your eyes open, A Clockwork Orange-style, and forcing you to read Rainbow Boys.”

Of course, why would anybody listen to reason when it’s so much more fun to damn the torpedoes and hide things you personally disagree with from public view? Continue reading