Surprise! Anti-Healthcare Reform Horror Story is a Lie

Update: So, that Canadian lady in the commercial, the one who wants to keep at least 20 million Americans without healthcare?  The one with the life-threatening brain tumor?  Yeah, not so much.

Still, I found Holmes tale both compelling and troubling. So I decided to check a little further. On the Mayo Clinic’s website, Shona Holmes is a success story. But it’s somewhat different story than all the headlines might have implied. Holmes’ “brain tumour” was actually a Rathke’s Cleft Cyst on her pituitary gland. To quote an American source, the John Wayne Cancer Center, “Rathke’s Cleft Cysts are not true tumors or neoplasms; instead they are benign cysts.”

Well, surely, a Rathke cleft cyst can be life-threatening, right?

Mortality associated with RCCs is extremely rare. In a study conducted by Shin and colleagues, the mortality rate was 0%, and the recurrence rate was 19%.2 In the literature, recurrence rates typically are lower, commonly 5-10%; however, Mukherjee co-authors reported a recurrence rate of 33%.

So, there you have it.  The Republicans want you to put the future of your healthcare in the hands of a Canadian hypochondriac.  I suppose that’s marginally better than letting the Republicans handle it, but I think we’ll stick with the public option.

Healthcare PWN-age Video of the Day

This clip is actually a few weeks old, but it was emailed to me by a conservative who was in an apoplectic lather over Jane Hamsher’s attempted PWNing of Townhall’s Jillian Bandes.

As it turns out, Jillian PWNed herself. Check it out.

Hamsher plays a little bit of dirty pool here, using her own cancer survivorship to try and taze Bandes into submission,but in doing so, misses a better opportunity. Everybody’s got a story, and when you rest your argument on one, you legitimize whatever sob story the right wants to dig up. Since all the right really has are anecdotes and speculative fiction, this is a bad strategy.

In fact, she’s responding to an ad in which another cancer survivor does the same thing. We could trade horror stories all day long, and it wouldn’t do a thing to illuminate this issue for people.

Hamsher misses the big kill here, as Jillian Bandes delivers the perfect setup. When Shuster asks her who represents the “50 million uninsured,” Bandes torturously haggles him down to 20 million people.

20 million people? Using the best math available to the right, generously granting all of Bandes’ assumptions, that is the best they can do? Why didn’t Hamsher zero in on that? Who is representing the at least twenty million people who cannot get health insurance?

That is the real shame in this.

She misses another chance, as well, to challenge the contradictory assumptions of the right. They say that the public plan will be a deadly morass, yet they are convinced that private insurance companies will be unable to compete with it. What sense does that make? That’s like saying that cheap cans of shit will drive beef stew out of the market. It’s nonsense. Bandes also gets away without answering to the overwhelming public support for a government option.

There may be some grassroots opposition to the public option, but it seems to be coming from insurance companies and their best customers. Take it with a grain of salt, then get your blood pressure checked, if you can.

House Republican to Demand Apology From President on Gates-Gate

While the Republicans haven’t been able to come up with a plan to reform healthcare, it seems they have found an issue that they can sink their teeth into.  The Hill reports on the House GOP’s worthy effort:

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) will introduce a House resolution on Monday demanding Obama retract and apologize for remarks he has made about Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley this past week.

If you think this resolution is a monumental waste of time, you’ll be even happier to note that the text of the resolution doesn’t even get the President’s quote right.  He didn’t say that Sgt. Crowley “acted stupidly,” but rather that the Cambridge police did.

The President delivered some carefully calibrated remarks on the subject Friday, and while he extended some of the blame for the incident to his friend, he seemed to maintain the essential part of his remark.  The police overreacted in arresting Professor Gates.  A beer-fueled summit was suggested, and agreed to by all parties.  That’s not enough for Thad McCotter, nor, I suspect, his GOP brethren.

While I doubt very much that the President will capitulate to this demand, I would suggest he consider a few things before even walking it back a little more.  A quick review of the legal issues surrounding the Gates arrest arguably supports stronger language than the President initially used.  That’s granting that the police report is entirely truthful.

If you consider the fact that Professor Gates’ account significantly contradicts Crowley’s, the President is well-justified in waiting for that beer to weigh any reversal.

Billie’s Quickies

bllieddoseEvery time the media reports a soldier haz a big ole sad, a buddy of C-Street/The Family claimed Japanese emperors had sex with ghosts or something and caused the stock market to drop, and “the Senate, prompted by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, will hold hearings on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”—a first since 1993.”

I guess every time the media reports the news a soldier haz a sad… or something.  On Sunday as former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin turned over the keys to the state, she said, “How about, in honor of the American soldier, you [the media] quit makin’ things up?”

Friends of C-Street and members of the family have been watching too many Hentai videos while simultaneously reading the Wall Street Journal… CUCKOO!   “You ask, “is this physical or not ?” – it could be. Because there is a certain spiritual phenomenon, succubus – it’s called succubus. There is a documented physical relationship between human beings and demonic beings.”

A start:  “After determining she didn’t have enough votes in support of a temporary suspension of the ban on gays in the military, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tells The Daily Beast she has secured the commitment of Senate Armed Services Committee to hold hearings on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” this fall. It would be the first formal re-assessment of the policy since Congress passed it into law in 1993.”

NOBODY PUTS 4CHAN IN THE CORNER!—somebody’s in twouble!

Canadians beg to differ with the GOP on healthcare.

Rachel Maddow riles me up with a bit about ‘ConservaDems’…an oldie but a goodie worth re-watching while the healthcare debate is in full swing.


a Rubik’s Cube Sandwich

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