Everything You Need to Know About RNC/Castellanos Healthcare Memo


Apparently, there is now some half-assed controversy about whether or not the Alex Castellanos memo that Sam Stein wrote about at HuffPo was a secret, or a double-super-secret, or free for public consumption.  For the RNC’s sake, I hope they meant for it to be a secret, but it makes little difference.

America, they are giving you the finger.  Everything in Castellanos’ memo is dishonest, except this, which is all you really need to know: Continue reading

Justice Department Turns to Cheney’s-An-Embarrassment Defense

Earlier today Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Smith argued that a D.C. District Court should not unseal the transcript of an interview the FBI conducted with Dick Cheney during their investigation of the Valerie Plame case. Smith implied that Cheney’s responses were so stupid that future vice presidents would likely balk at cooperating with future investigations for fear of looking that stupid themselves. Smith went on to argue that if Cheney’s idiotic words were unleashed on the unsuspecting populous they would be used by smart asses everywhere, causing Cheney massive political embarrassment.
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Billie’s Quickies

This has got to be the strangest, funniest, and oddly sweet Harry Potter fan I have ever seen…Harry Potter and the Japanese fangirl.

I wish this were a joke – I really, really do:  Company Denies its Robots Feed on the Dead.

Funny and Informative:  Palin’s Resignation edited by Vanity Fair’s Executive Literary Editor

Palin’s Resignation: The Edited Version

Charitible website for the day

“Chin up, head down,” letters from a young British soldier who lost his life serving in Afghanistan.

Ms. Jessica Valenti of femisting.com has a lovely way of gearing me up for a fight – and I’m glad she does when this could become reality if left unchallenged.

Six YouTube Classics in Two Minutes….My favorite is the panda.