Help Al Franken Get Ready to Go to Work

Al Franken says he’s ready to get to work:

WASHINGTON — Democrat Al Franken has arrived in Washington offering no jokes _ just a promise that he is “ready to get to work.”

This immediately put me in mind of Kool Moe Dee’s awesome track, “I Go to Work,” and the hilarious idea of adding a Franken-inspired verse.  Y’know, like,

“I go to work, like a Senator.

The floor’s a battlefield, and I’m Pat Benatar…”

But then, I got a load of the video for Moe’s track, and now, I can never listen to it the same way again.  Your dual mission:  To write Franken a verse to the song, and to shoot, edit, and publish an acceptably cool video for the original song.

Study: Under Contrived Conditions, Gov’t Health Care Ruins Lives (In Theory)

alex01thumbOh! Oh! Stop the presses! New healthcare data is incoming! According to a new study from the Goldman School at the University of California, Berkeley, in a ‘worst-case scenario’, a ‘pay or play’ employer mandate in a national healthcare plan could cause the loss of 166,095 jobs. Don’t worry, proponents of universal healthcare – the ‘worst-case scenario’ is in roughly the same realm of probability as is my hair spontaneously combusting while I brush my teeth. In the case of the employer mandate, that dreadful scenario is dependent on such unlikely factors as companies not opting to pay the payroll tax, and small employers not being exempt. (Under the draft by House Democrats, those employers which decide against complying with the mandate would pay a penalty of 8 percent of their overall payroll, something few would want to risk.)

The study, conducted for the Economic Policy Institute and the Institute for America’s future, says that the policy would likely result in ‘significant job gains’, according to Phillip Cryan at the Goldman school. Both think tanks behind this study are liberal or progressive, and the study states that new jobs would be created by the government healthcare system in most situations.

Surprisingly, last Tuesday, Wal-Mart announced its support for an employer mandate, lending the idea the star brand power that only Wal-Mart can.

When boiled down to its component parts, this is basically just conservatives saying that a ‘pay or play’ employer mandate for health care will cause job loss, and liberals saying that quite the opposite is true. So it’s the exact same thing as normal, only dressed up for Halloween in science costumes. In short, nothing new here, just liberals promoting a progressive economic policy concerning healthcare while conservatives fear the worst and claim the economy and American taxpayers will suffer. Color me surprised.